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Questions about our Accounts Receivable Funding Programs

Q: How do you normally structure a program?
A: There are typically two components to our program. The first is an administration component that covers the cost of the account management, and the credit and collections functions. The second component is based on the money cost and length of time the advanced funds are utilized.

Q: How much will Sxxxxxx advance me on my commercial account receivables?
A: Sxxxxxx will estimate the anticipated Advance Rate at the time we issue a proposal. Upon completion of the final due diligence process, Sxxxxxx will commit to you an acceptable Advance Rate that will meet the needs of your business. Typical Advance Rates will range from 70% to 85% of eligible receivables.

Q: What happens to the other 15% to 30%?
A: Sxxxxxx will rebate back to you the remainder, minus our service fee, once we have received payment directly from your customer..

Q: Can I out-source my entire A/R function to Sxxxxxx ?
A: Many companies will utilize us as their total A/R solution. It is possible that you can change the responsibilities of current personnel to focus on more profitable aspects of your business, and we will take care of the accounts receivable, credit evaluation, and collections.

Q: Do I have to finance all of my invoices?
A: No. You are always free to decide which invoices to finance and which to keep in-house. However, if you choose not to finance all of your invoices, your available cash flow may not be as great.

Q: Are my receivables held as collateral?
A: Yes. Sxxxxxx requires a first position on all accounts receivable while you are financing your receivables with us.

Q: How long do I have to commit to financing my invoices?
A: Our standard term is 12 months. However, we can adjust the term to meet your needs.


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