Proof of Funds Application Questions



Loan Amount Requested (US Dollars):$_______________________________


What type of product are you looking for (please check by bolding or circling):


Standby Letter of Credit,  Bank Guarantee, Bank Capability Letter, Medium Term Note, MT 760 POF, MT 799 POF, TEAR SHEET POF


Is this a lease or purchase?: __________No  or __________Yes


How long will you need this instrument for:____________________________


Does this instrument need to be _________ Fresh Cut or __________Seasoned or __________N/A


Instrument Classified as Encumbered (Blocked, Lienable) __________ or Unencumbered ________(Please check one)


How would you like the instrument to be delivered; (please check by bolding or circling): MT 760,   MT 799, or Does not Matter


Will this instrument be used for a trade platform __________ No __________ Yes


Do funds need to be seasoned   ______ No   ______ Yes /   ______30 days ________ 60 days


Will a specific text be required for your financial instrument?  __________No __________Yes  


If yes please supply the specific text with this application.


Will you need a Tier 1 Bank or a Tier 2 Bank as the issuing bank for the instrument (please state):


Tier 1 Banks (HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Credit First Suisse, etc) / Tier 2 Banks (Bank of China, Charter Bank,etc.)


Do you have a specific branch that you are requesting for your desired bank (London, Zurich, Hong Kong, etc.)________________________


Purpose of Financial Instrument and Current Project it will be used for (please explain):


Are there any specific issues concerning this deal that we need to be aware of (please include)?                                    

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