International Project Financing And Investment

Cash Flow Specialists, Inc. provides expert financial services for procurement of private placement investment, direct investment, international project financing, venture capital funding, capital loans or credit lines. We work directly with capital funding, financing and investment sources, to procure the most competitive and profitable terms for our clients.

  • International Project Financing from $10.0 Million – $2.0 Billion
  • Investment Capital for New Companies or Corporate Expansion
  • All Countries and All Industries Can Be Financed
  • Low Interest Credit and Loans From 1.0% – 7.0% Interest
  • No Collateral From Client – We Procure Collateral From Third Party Investor

For projects without collateral from the client, Cash Flow Specialists, Inc. has well-developed and proven methods for organizing andstructuring capital financing loans, including collateral instruments and insurance bonds from our investors, cooperating banks and international financial institutions, for procurement of full capital funds with favorable terms and rates.

Cash Flow Specialists, Inc. itself is not a fund, and does not give investment capital from its own funds. We are an international firm that performs expert preparation of investment projects, on the basis of direct expert knowledge of the rules, requirements and criteria of numerous financing sources. The client must pay for the preliminary expenses of this work. After preparation, Cash Flow Specialists, Inc. conducts full management and active work on procurement of capital funds,100% on commission.

Structured Capital Financing Loans

For businesses that can not provide sufficient collateral to secure a commercial loan, a complex and multi-level approach to structuring the transaction makes it possible to successfully receive venture capital funding, without any collateral from the client. This category of capital procurement requires extensive inside financial industry knowledge, legal and negotiating expertise, and direct, active professional support.

Working with financiers to structure conditional purchase of discounted collateral and other guarantee instruments, Cash Flow Specialists, Inc. can reliably obtain full, once-source funding from venture capital lending banks. The core of this mechanism is third parties, usually other banks, financial institutions or insurance companies. These collateral providers either partially or fully back the loan from the source, with little or no risk to the receiving company.

Fairness and Non-Discrimination Policies
Each structured funding package organized by Cash Flow Specialists, Inc.  includes risk management and collateral procurement mechanisms built into the process. This approach both serves to keep interest rates lower, and also results in increased fairness and more favorable consideration of proposed businesses in developing countries. Ratings for countries such as Standard & Poor’s or Moody’s are considered irrelevant, since it is widely recognized that very successful and profitable businesses can be established even under highly adverse or unstable conditions.

Funding sources and their representatives who work closely with Cash Flow Specialists, Inc.  have repeatedly verified and confirmed that the investment banks in Cash Flow Specialists, Inc. network do not discriminate against any country, unless it is un-insurable, or on governmental terrorism lists. Cash Flow Specialists, Inc. European and American funding sources have firmly established rules that all projects must be assessed for risk only on the basis of the merits of each proposed project. Similarly, the interest rate for approved capital financing loans is based exclusively upon the risk factors of the business strategies for each individual project, and no “country risk” factors are used.

Reliable Results for Investment and Project Financing

The reliable procurement of capital funds is not a myth, but an unavoidable reality. The mission of funding sources is in fact to give working capital, not to withhold it. They are under significant pressure from contractual obligations with constituent investors, pension funds, trusts or even government agencies to make active use of funds to realize gains. Underperformance or inactivity results in damage to the source’s reputation, and even loss of rights to manage the entrusted funds.

Applying extensive professional resources, intellectual property, and effective strategies, it is only a matter of time before a professional services firm obtains an approval and offer from a source on favorable terms.

During over 6 years of professional practice, the Cash Flow Specialists, Inc. success rate for obtaining approval of client projects and offers from collateral providers and capital funding sources is more than 50%.

Although not every collateral provider and every source accept or approve each particular project, the resources, methods and persistent work of Cash Flow Specialists, Inc. allow us to maintain and repeat this record of reliability.

How to Start the Investment Process

Whether you are looking to finance one commercial project, a joint venture, or your whole company, the best way to start is by talking to a Cash Flow Specialists, Inc. project manager for a free consultation.

We will work with you to identify your goals, assess the best category of venture capital sources for your business, determine a target strategy, and help you pick the professional services that will be most cost-effective and work best for you.

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