Factoring, Church Loans, Large Project, Credit Lines, 20091111

Factoring, Accounts Receivable Financing, Church Loans, Large Project Funding, Business and Personal Lines of Credit $50,000 to $5,000,000, 20091111
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We have a new “small” Monster Corporation of $1,500,000. We have just six of these available to our clients each month.  This is NOT for everyone. For starters it will cost you $75,000 up front and 12% back end. The process takes 90 to 130 days. There are credit requirements that need to be honored.

That said, this may be the best way to be funded if you are a business person, real estate investor, or entrepreneur. It’s certainly better than giving up equity, in my opinion.

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Cash Flow Specialists, Inc.

We’ve added a factoring application and video explaining how to complete the lengthy application in detail. Today we have several funding sources for business lines of credit but they do take time 30 to 45 days on the short end and 90 to 130 days on the long end.  We can set up a factoring line in seven to 10 days and after it’s set up can turn an invoice into cash in one to two days.

Here’s the link:

I have been active in church building programs since my first pledge drive to build St. Anne’s church in Arlington heights IL as a 12 year old walking the parish with my Dad. Bonnie and I helped “plant” several churches in Antioch, Alamo, Danville and Pleasant Hill CA. I was in leadership in churches. I taught Sunday School for more than 25 years.

We’ve rolled out a Church loan program:

Comments on the weekly newsletters:

This came in saturday November 7th:


I need to sign whatever you need to in order to ensure Nancy F. gets paid. I think you said it was her that intoduced me to you. I am in need of some immediate funding needs:

1) Lender takes first lien on 40 producing oil wells in Texas. Loan amount is $600k-$1.4M ($19M senior loan and sales are the exit strategy). Willing to pay point, interest, AND give lender equity on top of the assignment of the leases. URGENT

2) Company has $1M+ in orders outstanding and need $380k or so in working capital asap.

3) Emerging energy company seeking to refinance debt of $4.5M and expand their operation with $2M in expansion capital. Debt or equity.

4) Several other deals from business to real estate, small to large.

Please let me know when we can chat about your funding abilities and what we can do together.


This came in Friday November 6th:

Thanks joe, right on time. my church is about to pay off a tax bill and we will be looking for a loan to take our ministries to the next level!. I will be in touch….

Jason Beard

This came in Thursday November 5th:

Hi Joe,
I am working on finalizing some major issues with my other company right now. I did send Bonnie Tanetin and some iogen so she will get it this week sometime.
I hope that we can get together to discuss my other project, but right now I don’t have a time where I can leave and meet with you.

Today I am moving one of my employees to another location and that will take at least part of my day.

I really want to meet you in person and discuss eyepocket with you and other things.

Thanks so much for being very patient with me and for continuing to reach out to me. I really appreciate it.

God Bless You and your business
Marti 🙂

p.s. Marti’s website is My wife Bonnie has been a migraine sufferer her whole life. She’s been taking Marti’s product for four months and is a “new” woman. I encourage you to give her product a try or refer the product to friends and family debilitated  by migraines. Please mention that Joe Tufo referred you.

We’ve been offering this to everyone of Mitch’s victims in the spirit of goodwill and friendship:

Greetings from the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area where temperatures are in the high-70’s’s, Praise God!

Learn about how we use video to present your project powerfully and persuade funding sources to consider your application:

Write your questions on this page at the bottom of the newsletter and we’ll cover them on the weekly Candid Commentary.

Dale and I are working hard on our dozens of websites. We continue introducing products and services. It’s a work in progress and I know that we have a long way to go.Thanks to all who have pointed out ways that we can improve.There are hundreds of pages of information on http://www.working and three to four times that at

Here are some time statistics from Alexa:

It’s fascinating to study these results.

Daily time on site for

7 day avg 31.7
1 month avg 19.8
3 month avg 16.2
3 month change 66% 

The http// site as reported by Alexa:
7 day avg 23.7
1 month avg 13.7
3 month avg 17.7
3 month change 7% 

We have four sources of Business lines of Credit and Personal Lines of Credit with no up front fees,  one source with a $1,750 fee for “Power Funding” and one source with heavy front end fees.

Albert got approved for up to $2,000,000 for income producing property, $150,000 in misc. funding, and $100,000 with Wells Fargo for a business line. There was no back end fee on the credit line – not bad for a $1,750 investment!

We have a start-up program for those with credit scores in the low 7’s $500 up front, $3,000 at fist funding up to $50,000 and $3,000 above $50,000.

1. Business Line of Credit (BLOC) – Seven Sources

Hundreds of banks have been either seized by the FDIC or are on the watch list “Problem List” Expands to 15-Year High The number of insured commercial banks and savings institutions reporting financial results fell to 8,195 in the quarter, down from 8,247 reporters in the first quarter. Thirty-nine institutions were merged into other institutions during the quarter, twenty-four institutions failed, and there were twelve new charters added. During the quarter, the number of institutions on the FDIC’s “Problem List” increased from 305 to 416, and the combined assets of “problem” institutions rose from $220.0 billion to $299.8 billion. This is the largest number of “problem” institutions since June 30, 1994, and the largest amount of assets on the list since December 31, 1993. Quarterly Banking Profile


This is a generic pre-qualification application that is thorough.  Incidentally, you must register for and provide your user name and password if you move forward with us so that we can access your credit report without posting hard inquiries. Please mention that you were referred by Cash Flow Specialists, Inc. Thank you.

If you want to learn about Business Lines of Credit you’ll want to purchase this course:

Commercial Loans

Business Line of Credit Video

This is Thad’s Program. There is no up front fee. The back end fee is 20% for business and personal lines. We are paid 5%:


Personal Funding Requirements:
— 700+ Scores on all 3 bureaus
— No recent derogs
— Low inquiries
— 40% or less DTI

Business Funding Requirements:
— 2yr+ Old Corporation
— 411 Listed
— Articles of Incorporation
— Letter of Good Standing
— 80 Paydex is a PLUS
—  Personal Funding Requirements

This is Hector and Peter’s “Monster Corporation” program. This is not for the “faint of heart.” They “hand-walk” six clients a month through the program.

Funding takes 90 to 130 calendar days. Remember that these sell out quickly so if you’re thinking about it you had better call.

Subscribe to our websites and learn how to fund your project, start-up, real estate project, or dream.

Here’s a list:

We’ve had several inquiries into the Monster Corporations. One client has applied for $1,400,000.
Follow the guidelines and you can obtain funding in 90 to 130 calendar days.

Monster Corporations to $5 million

To learn more click on this hyperlink:

2. Large Project Funding

  • Please remember that we have several large project funding sources that will fund from $1 million to hundreds of millions.

    Testimony Large Project Funding Source C

  • 3. REOWe have access to residential and commercial REO’s direct from the FDIC. We do have other sources as well

FDIC Sales
While little distressed product has traded from private hands, the FDIC is pushing through a number of assets of failed institutions.

Rebirth of Auctions
A readily-used tool in the days of the RTC, auctions are once again en vogue as owners and lenders seek quick ways to clear toxic properties.



Use a private investor’s funds to close your deal.  An escrow account for the transaction can be arranged in your name, or company name, at INVESTOR’S TITLE in Las Vegas, NV.

Funds can be used for double close or down payment assistance with minimal or no up-front costs to you.

Residential REO packages, large commercial or multi-unit properties, and non real estate transactions are all applicable.

Funds cannot be moved or depleted, investor does not arrange loans or financing The Investor’s escrow company as well as escrow attorney will be used and cannot be substituted.

Working Capital Fast

Referral Partners

If you are an attorney, CPA, bookkeeper, financial planner, insurance agent, insurance broker, loan agent, commercial Realtor, banker, in the business evaluation business, architect, appraiser, or member of the American Cash Flow Association you may want to join our team at Cash Flow Specialists, Inc.This is a typical response that we receive when we send out our Wednesday newsletter:

Thank you for the info.

What procedures must be followed for a referring broker (ME) to be protected to receive a fee in this transaction.

Thank you for a prompt response to this inquiry.

John Lawrence

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In business since July 1, 1999 we have served hundreds of start-ups, existing businesses, real estate investors, large project entrepreneurs, and even individuals obtain much needed funding.

We’re the company folks call when the Bank says, “NO!!!”

Referral Partners Get:

  • In depth commentary on each and every blog post
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