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Do you need $150,000 to $3 million? Do you have $2 million in credit card receivables a year?


CC provides financing for much larger businesses than other merchant finance companies. They target companies whose credit card revenue exceeds $2,000,000 per year. Loans start at $150,000 and go up to $3 million. Many other companies reach their top limit where they begin.


CC has the lowest rates of any merchant finance company. Clients use CC as an addition to, or perhaps instead of, bank financing. Knowing this, their rates have to be competitive. lower.

Keep Your Own Processor

Most merchant finance companies require you to switch to their processor with the expectation of getting the same or better rates and quality of service. CC does not require any such change. They respect the relationship that you may have developed and want to be part of it, not replace it.

Alternatively, if you would like to change processors, they have relationships with several of the most recognized processors in the industry, who will either meet or beat your current rates and level of service. The choice is yours.

Transparent Pricing

CC will explain the rates in detail. Other finance companies may avoid this discussion. They will try to educate you so you can make better informed decisions. Once you see what other merchant finance companies charge, you will thank them whether or not you become a client.

Customized Client Programs

They know that each client is different. You are in different industries, have different financial backgrounds and have different goals. They look at each client individually and tailor a program to meet your needs. Upon understanding your business, they then develop a transaction involving both an agreed upon rate and payback period. They know that it would be impossible to fit you into a preset program.

Easy Renewals

Once your loan is paid down by 75%, you may qualify for a renewal at your option. Unlike other programs, you only pay for the additional funding, not for the cost of an entirely new funding. For  clients that continually renew, this can prove to be a huge savings.

Lowest Payback Rates

Their programs extend out to two years. This is longer than any other competitor and allows for the lowest payback rates in the industry. Your payback period will be determined as part of the overall customized initiatives.

No Delays or False Promises

CC is structured without bureaucratic layers. Top management is always available to discuss and understand individual needs. Decisions are made quickly.

Asset Based Lending Approach

CC views your credit card receipts as only part of your financing solution. Because of their broad lending background and affiliation with EGC, they are able to review your entire financing needs and perhaps provide additional working capital.

EGC is one of the leading asset based lenders specializing in small to mid size companies. EGC provides loans against accounts receivable, inventory, equipment and real estate. They look at the entire package to see how they might be able to meet more than your credit card needs.


Most of their managers have been lending for well over 15 years. Combined, they have over 100 years of experience. They have provided working capital to thousands of businesses in dozens of industries. They have been in this business longer than their competitors and have a more lasting commitment to both the industry and clients.

Recent Transactions


Funding Amount

Airplane Parts Distributor $500,000
Website Host $1,000,000
Restaurant Chain $2,000,000
Truck Stops $1,500,000
Retailer $1,400,000
Oil Distributor $1,200,000
Restaurant Chain $1,200,000
Restaurant Chain $925,000
Retailer $650,000
Truck Stops $500,000
Golf Clubs $500,000
Retailer (DIP) $350,000
Caterer $325,000
Fast Food Chain $300,000
Retailer $200,000
Restaurant Chain $200,000
Fast Food Chain $150,000
Fast Food Chain $150,000
Resort $150,000
Retailer $150,000
Moving Franchise $150,000

Closing Comments

Dean has been involved in every aspect of asset based lending (business development, operations, account and portfolio management, workouts, field exams, accounting and treasury). Using this knowledge, he started CC and has taken merchant financing to a new level of sophistication.

Prior to starting his lending career, Dean was an associate at Bear Stearns and an analyst at Merrill Lynch. Dean holds an MBA from Northwestern’s Kellogg Graduate School of Business and an undergraduate degree from Duke University.

One reply on “Do you need $150,000 to $3 million? Do you have $2 million in credit card receivables a year?”

I have known Dean, the founder of this company, for three years. His rates are about a point a month which is a fraction of what a merchant cash advance company will charge. Most MCA firms have discount rates of 1.50 for a 12-month term IF they offer a term that long. The rates are normally 5% a month with a MCA provider.

If you are serious about saving money and meet his criteria this is the way to go. The savings could put your child through an Ivy league school on a $3m funding.

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