BONDS or CASH, ZERO-OUT Project Funding 7 for 1 Leverage Program! New Programs That May Be Of Interest & Value


We will consider any type bond if on Euroclear and/or DTC with Free Delivery or that comes

with a MT760. The bond should be “A” or better rated by S&P, Moody’s, Finch etc. with ISIN/

CUSIP numbers.

Venezuela Bonds are accepted without being on DTC, EC or having a MT760. No Mexican

Bonds will be accepted. Mexican bonds are accepted by the trader on the ASA-FY-Doc.


The bonds must be delivered on or DTC or Euroclear to Citibank, NY with T-3 Settlement only.

Please submit Pages 1-4 + Page 14 from Euroclear screens.

Settling Securities Transactions using T+ 3

Investors must complete or “settle” their security transactions within three business days. This settlement cycle

is known as “T+3,” shorthand for “trade date plus three days.”

T+3 means that when you buy a security, your payment must be received by your seller/brokerage firm no

later than three business days after the trade is executed. When you sell a security, you must deliver to your

brokerage firm your securities certificate no later than three business days after the sale.

The three-day settlement date applies to most security transactions, including stocks, bonds, municipal

securities, mutual funds traded through a brokerage firm, and limited partnerships that trade on an exchange.

Government securities and stock options settle on the next business day following the trade.

Option 1: TRADE: BONDS or *CASH (*MT799 ADMIN HOLD and MT760)

– 72 hours after delivery, client is paid 5%

– +7 additional banking days, client is paid 200%

– Instrument is blocked for 90 days then returned to client unencumbered

Need: CIS, Front and Back Copy of Bond, Euroclear and DTC information.

Option 2: SELL

– Buyer is currently purchasing bonds for $0.30 to $0.50 on the dollar ($1).

Need: CIS, Front and Back Copy of Bond, Euroclear and DTC information.

Option 3: LOAN

– Loan is 30% LTV @ 2 Points over LIBOR

-3 days to monetize instrument; instrument returned when loan is paid back

Need: CIS, Front and Back Copy of Bond, Euroclear and DTC information.

We can take all or a portion of the sell profit and loan into our managed buy sell to create an

additional weekly profit or to repay the loan.

U.S. Banks only: 5M Minimum Wells Fargo Program

Must be delivered by client’s bank via MT542 block in the U.S. for CD, Cash,

SBLC, or MTN; or free delivery on DTC to Wells Fargo

-Within 24- 48 hours, 85-90% payout; hold the asset for 30 days.

-$5M –minimum with no limit

-Brokers paid 5%

U.S. Banks/ European Banks:

Must be delivered on EC to Citibank NY with T-3 Settlement

– 72 hours after delivery, client is paid 5%

– +7 additional banking days, client is paid 200%

– Instrument is blocked for 45- 90 days then returned to client unencumbered

– Minimum $100M

-Brokers paid 1%

I work with the Compliance and Intake Officer on both Trade Programs below.

Bullet Option:

A Trade group just informed me that they have been approved by Top 10 European Bank up to 6B more to put

into trade. Do you have any clients wanting to get into a 5x times bullet program? If yes please send just send

an updated – CIS (must have working numbers and email address or will be rejected), Non-Solicitation, Letter

of Intent, and POF (Bank Statement or Tear Sheet) – – please only serious inquiries.



24-48hr compliance

Top US and European Banks

No Swift Needed

Administrative Hold

$10M min (smaller amounts case by case)

Cash Only

Program is subject to close and change without notice – – others programs may be available depending on when

submission is made.



ZERO-OUT Project Funding 7 for 1 Leverage Program!

You need an acceptable project to fund to be eligible. We want projects that provide

humanitarian and economic benefit to society in general.

ASA is direct to a funding program that allows you to take a minimum of $2 million

dollars and invest it in our “Zero-Out” Project Funding 7 for 1 Leverage Program and

make enough profit to support your financial needs and goals upfront. The financial

goal that you need to reach will be based on a designated initial investment amount and

leveraging your funds and profits based on 4 funding cycles with a 7 to 1 leverage of your

investment and profits in each cycle. The maximum benefit allowed is $150 million.

Example $2 million investment/ 4 funding cycles: If you need $100 million dollars you may

invest $2 million and it and your profits are leverage as followed to reach your funding


Cycle 1: $2M x 7 = $14 million

Cycle 2: $4M x 7 = $28 million

Cycle 3: $4M x 7 = $28 million

Cycle 4: $4M x 7 = $28 million

Four Cycle $Total = $98 million

We use Commercial Escrow Services for our escrow and will only respond to the client

with a contract when a compliance package is delivered and the funds are placed in the

escrow. We are no longer requesting a POF, we will only respond to funds in escrow

The money is safe in the escrow because CES has a $20 million insurance policy protecting

the client’s funds. A contract will be provided only when we have a proper submitted deal.

In as little as 4 two week cycles you can meet your financial goal. If this is construction

project you have it paid for before you put the first shovel in the ground. A novel concept

that allows you to control, protect and grow your investment while eliminating any cost

and/or future debt. This is a very simple, easy and inexpensive way to fund your project.

Trade Program

I have a direct connection with an intake manager for three platforms that are accepting

the following assets for trade. The minimum is $10 million cash and if an instrument it

will need to be around $15 million due to the LTV must equal the $10 million minimum.

At this point most if not all platforms will only take the following:


-MTN…slightly season to season

-BG… slightly season to season

-Treasury Bonds



-Credit Lines

Investor must be able to issue at minimum a MT 700 or MT760 if here in the states or

abroad. If funds are in Chase and/or the investor is willing the funds can be moved to a

non-depletion account with the trader as co-signatory. They must be delivered DTC free

delivery excluding the cash.

ROI: The ROI will be based on their entry level value. So the ROI is discussed on a case

by case basis and will only be discussed at the signing of the contract with client and


ASA commission will be based on a sliding scale against the value amount traded.

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Ask about how to self-liquidate and self-fund a project (hint: you need a minimum of 10% to 15% in cash)

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