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BLOC E New Pre-Funded $100,000 Corporations: 20 Per Month

This came in Saturday June 19th. It was addressed to a client of ours:


The cost is 15K per PREFUNDED LOC

There is a $1,000 deposit paid to NBF with application [page 10, 11 and 12 with copy of DL and SS card] to hold a space.

The remaining balance of $14,000 is paid into an attorney escrow account.

The attorney is located in PA.

The $1,000 deposit will be credited against the total client cost of $15,000.

If the client backs out for any reason out they will forfeit their $1,000 deposit.

If the client is unable to close within 5 business days of the LOC availability [the middle of each month] they will forfeit their deposit.

The client will have possession of the escrow agreement to review by their attorney well in advance of the respective month’s closing date.

The client and or client’s attorney can suggest changes and if the changes are agreed to by the escrow attorney they will be incorporated into the escrow agreement.

This is not a real estate closing with various fees, settlement charges or disbursements to third parties.

After confirming receipt of the checkbooks by the client [likely a FedEx signature] the escrow attorney will release funds to me.

There will be no closing statement.

There is a limited number available and only 1 remains for Augst.

Multiple lines per client are available.

$100,000+ Unsecured Business Lines of Credit

Application Only; Stated Income/Asset!

NO Tax Returns OR Business Financials!

NO Credit Scores OR Personal Guarantee!

Multiple 100K lines available; close in escrow!

As always Cash Flow Specialists Inc. has a fully earned, non-refundable business consultation fee of 1% minimum $2,500 that is paid up front.

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