Bill Bonds Testimony

Thanks Joe for the response.

I guess I am just used to dealing with Principals as Just today alone I received two complete packages, one for monetization, and one for cash, both to go into trade from HSBC, London and Deutsche, Frankfurt.

The representatives let me speak to the client and then I simply set them up with the Principal, or Platform Manager depending on their preference and what is to be discussed.

Since one buys paper also, he will speak to the principal as he sells paper via a clients requested procedures. This client like Brussels EC Procedures for a myriad of reasons.

Once we are into trade, he will have passed compliance and then just make a request for the paper he wants and provide us his Banking and EC Officer, and move forward.

The only reason I mention this is I know how to get things done, but there has to be some sense in it all.

If I want to intro a principal to a principal I can and there is no drama in it. If I have done my DD on the client, then there is no issues, but I am not telling him I am running compliance or background checks, because if he has the funds, and is not a terrorist, he probably will pass compliance.

Anyway, I do appreciate you thinking of me and I always wish you the best success….!

I hope to keep hearing from you as it looks like you are about to do some great things!!


Bill Bonds

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