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If you have a viable project to fund we have the answers and sources to fund.

How We Work

Our websites are at which is about 600 pages (January ’10) and our subscription site which has about three times the content. It also archives the newsletters.

If you have a Large Project that requires funding you may be interested in an 8-Week Course that we are producing:

Week 1 – Course Overview – What Will You Learn?-What is Large Project Funding?
Week 2 – The Power of Your Executive Summary – The First Key to Successful Funding
Week 3 – The Power of Your Bio’s – The Second Key to Successful Funding
Week 4 – The Power of Your Detailed Use of Funds – The Third Key to Successful Funding
Week 5 – The Power of Your 5-Year Proforma and Exit Strategy – The Fourth Key to Successful Funding
Week 6 – Putting It All Together – Your Presentation and Proof of Funds
Week 7 – Current Funding Sources and Available Programs
Week 8 – Wrap-Up – What Do You Do Next?
Bonus Week– Q&A With Joe and Large Project Funding Sources

Our websites feature our Business Creed and a pre-qualification application.

We offer a one-time FREE 20-minute consultation to those who complete the questionnaire completely. This is a $333.34 value based on our hourly consulting fee. Of course, you may purchase additional time at

We work one of two ways:
Priority – If you want us to “Clear The Decks” put our heads down and get to work you’ll honor us by paying a fee for six months of service. You may renew after that time.

When you hire us to work on a priority basis we thoroughly study your submission package to make sure that it complies with our recommended Road Map to Funding Success. Funding has always been about presentation. Those who present well are funded. Those who don’t present well are not funded.

The key ingredients to funding success, in our experience, have been:
1.A powerful Executive Summary of one to four pages. You can purchase our template and video review at
2.Bio’s of key personnel.
3.A detailed use of funds broken down monthly for the first year and quarterly thereafter.
4.A 5-year proforma and written Exit Strategy.

When we meet face-to-face we’ll review the following questions:
• What do you expect from us?
• What is your current pain?
• What keeps you awake at night?
• How do you see us helping you address these challenges and opportunities?
• What growth plans do you have?
• If price were not an issue, what role would you want us to play in your business?
• Do you expect capital needs? New financing?
• Do you anticipate any mergers, purchases, divestitures, recapitalizations, or reorganizations in the near future?
• We know you are investing in total quality service, as are we. What are the service standards you would like for us to provide you?
• How important is our satisfaction guarantee to you?
• How important is rapid response? What do you consider rapid response?
• Why are you changing professionals? What did you not like about your former firm that you do not want us to repeat?*
• How did you enjoy working with your former firm?**
• Do you envision any other changes in your needs?
• Are you concerned about any of your asset, liability, or income statement accounts to which we should pay particularly close attention?
• If we were to attend certain of your internal management meetings as observers, would you be comfortable with that?
• How do you suggest we best learn about your business so we can relate your operations to the financial information and so we can be more proactive in helping you maximize your business success?
• May our associates tour your facilities?
• What trade journals do you read? What seminars and trade shows do you regularly attend? Would it be possible for us to attend these with you?
• What is your budget for this type of service?
* We never denigrate the predecessor. First, this insults you and reminds you of a poor decision. Second, it diminishes respect and confidence in the profession as a whole and lowers the public’s perception of our professionalism.
** Even though you are changing firms, it is almost certain that you liked certain characteristics of the predecessor. We want to find out what those were and exceed them. For instance, if you said the prior firm always returned phone calls within one day, we strive to return phone calls within four hours.

Non-Priority – If you think that you’ve “nailed it” when preparing the four key ingredients to funding success, and you aren’t in any hurry at all to fund and aren’t quite ready to pay consultation fees then we’ll take a look at your project when we can get to it. After we look at it we may need to send it back because you don’t meet our requirements. (Priority Clients get major help from us in cleaning up their submission.) We’ll return your calls and emails when we can: after all, priority clients come first.

We reserve the right to review each submission once, beyond that our consultation fee will be required. You had better complete the submission request correctly the first time or you better get familiar with our websites mentioned above. If you submit for free we can’t spend a lot of time. It’s not fair to us, our families, or our Priority Clients.

In our experience we can fund 1/3 of the files that cross our desks, 1/3 are DOA Dead on Arrival, and the final 1/3 are broken and need to go through some form of remediation which can take hours, days, weeks, months, or years.


With 33 years of Financial Services experience we may be uniquely qualified to serve you and those whom you choose to refer.