Applications? Are We Right For You? Are You Right For Us?

We receive several requests a week for our services.

Some business people find our websites: Others are referred by their Attorney, CPA, Financial Planner, Insurance Agent or Broker, Commercial Realtor, The American Cash Flow Association, Credit Restoration Specialist, Loan Agent or Broker, Banker, Architect, Business Valuation Specialist or some other referral source.

95% of our business is by referral and the other 5% comes from public speaking engagements.

If you have faxed in your application or scanned and emailed your application but haven’t heard from someone in our office, please give me a call on my private line at 925-691-8200.

We are only considering a very limited number of people because of the personal time I will be spending with each person individually, and my commitment to get 100% of the applicants funded – now I want you to understand that even though that’s my goal that it’s really up to you to follow our systems, policies and procedures.

I want to make sure everyone who is interested is accommodated, and that no one is overlooked. I think we’re pretty well on top of things, but please… if you haven’t yet heard from us, give me a call at 925-691-8200. It’s my personal line. I’ll spend whatever time you need to ensure that you get the answers you need to see if  Cash Flow Specialists, Inc. is right for you, and if you’re a right fit for us.

One final note: Please… if you’re financially strapped, if you’re about to lose your house or business and are looking for a “bail-out” program, if you don’t have the funds and you want us to let you come through our funding process for free and you’ll pay us out of money you receive  after you are funded… don’t call me.

I’m not trying to be mean or insensitive… not at all. It’s just that that’s not what this program is about.

I’m not looking for people who are functioning out of desperation. I’m committing a tremendous amount of my personal time and resources to helping a select number of clients achieve some incredible financial goals. I’ve done it many times in the past, and I know what’s involved on my part.

My personal and family life take a back seat to those whom I’m helping, but that’s okay. I take my commitment to the people who invest with me in the Cash Flow Specialists, Inc. program very seriously. When you give me your money, I reciprocate by giving you my most valuable possession… my time…which translated, is my life. It’s irreplaceable and unrecoverable. So I hope you can understand and appreciate the fact that I must be very selective  about whom I work with.

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