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A Powerful Testimony From A Seasoned Underwriter

On Tue, Feb 1, 2011 at 10:45 PM, Judy Taylor  wrote:

Hello Joe,
I feel honored that my friend and associate, Greg Parry (a friend of Alicia Bryan), arranged a call to introduce me to you.

Thank you for your time and expertise in explaining your alternative funding programs.  As a former teacher and also originator and underwriter of residential and commercial loans, I truly appreciate your educational thrust.  Your program offers a new way to do business in this global economic crisis (a crisis by design, I might add).  I have renewed vigor just listening to you!  Now, instead of feeling like a dinosaur (I was a conduit underwriter for a wonderful company who had correspondencies with Merrill Lynch and UBS Warburg – we did loans that are perhaps the only ones still alive and well within their securitizations, but my position is gone at this time), I think that I can arise, like the proverbial Phoenix, from the ashes of Wall Street and securitized destruction!

You have inspired me because you speak truth – and you care!  We will become members and study all of your articles and watch the videos as there is only one way to do the alternative funding business – the right way – and we are so fortunate that you have it all outlined for us … thank you for doing the work that you have done to bring these programs forth in an understandable manner.

Warm regards,

Judy Taylor
Sherman Oaks, CA

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