A Possible Way to Self-Liquidate Your Loan


We have three traders. The program with the highest yield to the investor pays out 70% of the traders monthly gain the highest payout that we know about at this time. The minimum investment for our clients is $10,000 which is also the lowest minimum that we know of. Our other programs require either $50,000 BLOC-Source C or $100,000 BLOC – Source A.

Monthly yields have been 5% to 15%. FOREX trading is risky and losses can be substantial. Although there are risks associated with trading FOREX there are also rewards and benefits. FOREX is the Foreign Exchange market: it trades 24 hours a day all over the world.

FOREX allows an investor to capitalize on world markets. FOREX allows highly leveraged trading often 100:1 which means that with $1,000 the leverage is $100,000 in trading. Recent trades indicate that $1.9 trillion is traded daily and it is extremely liquid.

If you choose to invest I will personally introduce you to the principal at this firm who will answer your questions. You will receive statements electronically daily. You control deposits and withdrawals. Clients find comfort that their investment is within reach in case of an emergency.

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I’ve attached a current statement from the Trading Director of a Bay Area FOREX trading company that returned 41% in December 2008 and 49% in January 2009. I have a printout with an actual account that was opened March 17, 2009 at $250,000 and was closed March 26, 2009 with a balance of $318,469.43 for a nine day gain of $68,469.43. Write if you want a copy of this.

I was securities licensed for 19 years S-7 and S-63. I never saw gains like this. FOREX is NOT for everyone. Your results may vary. Past performance is NOT an indication of future performance. As a special consideration for our clients the president of this company whom I have known for more than four years allows a minimum account size of only $10,000. All other clients open accounts with a minimum of $50,000.

We encourage clients to CONSIDER setting aside 20%, 25%, 30% of their net proceeds in a FOREX account to self-liquidate their loans. Normal returns are in the 5% to 15% monthly range. You can lose money if you micro-manage the account. You can access the account online and watch the trades report. You have access to your account 24/7.

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