A Discussion Between Joe and a Referral Partner in South Florida


The cell number that I have for you is disconnected. I left word on your 4576#.

I charge fees to stop the nonsense of prospective clients deciding if one is good 10 is better. I’m not willing to waste time on shoppers and “tire-kickers.”

I’m here 7AM to 5PM M-F if you want to talk.

I’m sorry I haven’t answered your emails but I’ve been traveling and also busy.

I apologize for the misunderstanding, the number you dialed and is disconnected is not my cell phone but my fax.  I moved to a bigger office and was unable to bring my number.

You seem to have good products but I am not too fond of fees up front as you know.  I completely understand your point of view when it comes to working for free, which would apply if you’re dealing with “tire-kickers.” as you call it.  Not in my case, I deal with the best or nothing.  Enclosed find some pictures of clients that I have and you tell me if I would have the audacity to ask these people for fees up front.  That would be unkosher wouldn’t it?

Among these are:  Senator Bob Menendez, Brickell developer Tibor Hollo, Architect Ignacio Permuy who is presently building the seventh and the eighth tallest buildings in U.S., N.Y. Jets Marvin Jones (ShadeTree) and the list goes on and on.

These people and their friends are movers and shakers that are always running different projects. They dislike using their own money and that is typical. They always have room to allocate funds and if the funds don’t come from us they get a partner (which is the last recourse).

On my desk I presently have ‘solid’ requests from U.S sources, China, Colombia and the Dominican Republic which I cannot fulfill because of the complexity of the projects and the amounts> If you wart to give my people a try working the traditional way, just tell me. You won’t regret it, of that I can assure you.

Take care Joe


We have some products that don’t have fees: POF & banking instruments, MCA, one business line of credit product, and REO’s. The other business lines of credit and ALL large project funding do have fees because most don’t have a clue how to properly prepare a package. It takes a minimum of 25 hours for us to coach, mentor, and prepare a package: I some of the more complex cases that are funding now it has taken hundreds of hours and eight to 15 months of hard work.

Too many prospects pit one source against another and consequently more than 95% of those cases are giant time wasters. I am not going to bear the expense of running a business and being unproductive. We credit all fees of $25,000 or more against commissions earned. What do you think I’m after: a $25,000 fee or a commission that is multiple times that when we successfully fund the transaction?

Prospects can buy consulting time at This way they can control costs while at the same time tapping my experience, advice, and expertise.
Why don’t you have one of your prospects buy an hour of consulting time so that we can determine if we are a “fit?”

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