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It used to be that most folks didn’t worry when money got tight because the minimum payments on their credit cards were as little as 2% – you didn’t make a dent in the principal but at least you could keep current.

That was then, this is now – in the past few years that’s changed – most minimum payments are now 5% 250% more.

Now many credit card users are in deep doo-doo suffering from job losses, hits in their investment portfolio’s, and retirement accounts and a home worth a fraction of what it was just a few years ago.

Credit delinquencies are at an all-time high according to the Fitch Credit Index which measures the percentage of credit card receivables that are reported more than 60 days past due.

The delinquency index has increased 40.25% in the past six months and has reached a new high according to Moody’s. (4-29-09 Research Recap)

A recent quote from Michael Dean Managing Director of the Fitch Credit Card Index, “while we are in unchartered territory for credit card losses” magnifies the problem: chargeoffs are up 33% in the past six months and 47% year to year.

An article that I pulled off Reuters UK April 27, 2009 indicates that Fitch’s Charge-Off Index which tracks the write-down of uncollectable debt by credit card firms climbed 101 basis points to a record 8.41% eclipsing the prior mark of 7.52% in November 2005 during the bankruptcy spike.

Bankruptcy filings for March 2009 surged to 121,413 up 40.9% from March 2008. Bankruptcy is NOT the solution because it will mar your financial future for 10 years or more not to mention the humiliation and stigma that it causes.

For years legitimate non-profit credit counseling agencies have helped consumers negotiate repayment plans. Creditors have offered concessions including waiving late fees and over-the-limit fees and reducing interest rates.

The problem is that a growing number of consumers are so deep in debt and don’t earn enough that traditional creditor concessions aren’t sufficient to help them qualify for the typical repayment plan.

In 2008 more than 400,000 consumers were turned down for repayment plans according to the non-profit counseling agencies.

That’s where we come in: rather than commit to a hardship plan with a consumer debt counseling agency why not hire a former Deputy Attorney General from the State of California who has mastered a proprietary system over the past 10 years and has successfully resolved thousands of cases and saved consumers and businesses millions of dollars?

The problem with credit counseling agencies and even debt settlement companies is that even though creditors stop or lower fees and interest the principal balances are NOT reduced.

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