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Testimony GS 20110604

Hi Joe
Well, what can I say.  Thanks for getting together last night.  It was truly great to meet with you and just chat generally. Relationships are about people and as such it takes time to build relationships.
I enjoyed and found informative what you had to say about private placement / private client investments very interesting indeed.  You have most certainly done your homework and have, for your own benefit and for the benefit of your many clients, methodically documented all that has been disclosed to yourself and that which you have acquired in the marketplace over the years.
Thanks for the words of wisdom:
‘divide a portion to 7 or 8 for you know not what misfortune be upon the land’
‘put your money in many places for you know not what risks lie ahead’
‘choose success, not yield’
I’d like to document the following in an attempt to sum up my intentions and the potential way forward which we discussed (please fill in the gaps if there are any):-
  • I’d like to test a program which is successful;
    • The programs which your business associate Chris, located in New Zealand, is appealing for various reasons, namely:-
      • His program has 23 years of success;
      • he has to date never lost a clients principal amount;
      • He concluded contracts will all clients and has always paid in terms of the contracts concluded;
      • The contracts concluded are between the trader (Chris) and the principal (myself);
      • Chris is a retired US Treasury Agent;
      • Chris has a contract with the bank;
      • Chris typically operates a ‘buy/sell’ program I.e. He has a profitable transaction lined up before committing funds to a transaction (by way of example, as a real estate investor I may have a purchaser for a condo at a price of USD100 and I know of someone wishing to sell a condo which fits the purchasers profile at a price of USD95 –  only once I have both qualifying parties lined up do I close on the transaction as I know up-front that a USD 5 or 5% profit margin be made);
      • Whilst there are no guarantees in any program he has paid 4%-8% per month gross, before commission of 10% being deducted;
      • Chris had various programs with differing financial entry levels, ‘lock-in’ periods and anticipated returns;
      • Chris discussed and agrees to contracts with individual clients;
      • Individual banking accounts are established for the ‘principal amount’ and ‘trading account returns’ thereby providing investors/clients such as myself with constant online access to both accounts – both of which are in our names and under our control.
  • We discussed ‘risk and reward’ together with risk tolerance, generally.  Forex returns are great but so are the losses I.e. For every gain someone in the chain has made a loss;
    • Forex only really works for those who require less volatility if ‘stop losses’ are in place;
    • Forex markets are volatile and have high degrees of risk – it is really the same as gambling as one does not know which way the market would go;
  • After proving success over a period of time (6 months is a minimum period to experience success of a program and protecting of principal amount) I wish to establish my own Fund, in joint venture or otherwise, with the Fund manager who has achieved the success.  Essentially, my partner/s and I would be the majority shareholders and also directors of the new Fund;
  • I would ‘profile’ and ‘position’ the opportunity to a select public and private sector entities in terms of diversification of investment spread.  Investments would then be brought in from a client base that we would introduce to the fund;
  • You were to facilitate communication between yourself, Chris and myself to get the wheels in motion for a first transaction to test the success of the program.  I look forward to this being facilitated by yourself either via an email to myself and copied to Chris or any other means you may be comfortable with.
Joe,  whilst we forgot to sign the NDA yesterday I confirm that we have both acted in good faith and I would not disclose any aspect of our discussion which is not already public knowledge through readily available information on our websites etc., to anyone without your prior consent or knowledge.
Once again, thanks for getting together.  I appreciate your time and look forward to fostering a long and mutually beneficial relationship with yourselves.
Kind regards


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