Testimonial $125m Source C 02/27/08

Cindy was approved for $125m February 27, 2008:

Dear Joe,

We are fully aware that our accomplishments are not simply attributable to “genius” scientists, leadership and hard-working employees. We will grow and prosper because we found some great friends like you who believe in us and gave us support along the way.

After six months of dedication and over 68 phone calls on our behalf, a simple “thank you” is not at all sufficient enough to express how we as a company feel today after receiving our confirmation and approval for a $125 Million dollar funding package.

It would have been easy for us to go the venture capital route (licensed loan sharking!!) where we would have had to give up a huge percentage of ownership and where the expected return is upwards of 20 to 30 times the money, but we were determined to find someone who was passionate about cancer research and believed in our particular discovery, someone who would help us “stay the course” of what our goals are, and you did just that. You always end a conversation by saying, “we’re here to serve you”, and that is just what you do, you serve everyone individually according to their goals.

The world of funding is more than a simple art; it takes valuable contacts, a lot of experience; good and bad, to create a company with well rounded knowledge in this arena. Six months ago we were talking with several different agents/brokers and kept coming back to you. You were always looking for the right fit for us and it wasn’t long before your service became very apparent as the one that could and would get the job done!

Thank you Joe Tufo!  The future will be brighter for the millions of suffering cancer patients around the world. With this funding we will be able to move this new drug to market in record time. We’ll all sleep better tonight!

Kindest regards,


Managing Director

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