Source E Update Funding Batch 1 & Batch 2 Sometimes Funding Takes Longer!

This email is only for those continuing clients and or their respective brokers related to the 70+ Affected NV SOS entities.

This email has no impact on clients/brokers in Batch 3 or those who have NV entities in good standing.

The last of the ongoing hurdles related to the 70+ affected entities was finally cleared on Friday afternoon, June 5.

Due to all of the issues involved which have included but were not limited to the following:

1. Identifying, communicating and resolving the NV SOS terminated and or unregistered entities

2. Physically obtaining information from you

3. Creating a realistic workable solution for the bonded Processing Company to handle the volume of registrations

4. Providing the bonded Processing Company with all of the information they required in their format

5. Coordinating the internal activities of the bonded Processing Company with the Registered Agent

This entire time frame has unfortunately taken longer than anyone expected.

What this means to you is all of the entities will start appearing on the FL SOS website: sometime towards the end of this week and continue through the following week.  Once all of the entities have been registered; the respective EIN will be provided to you by me when I receive them from Jon/Tony.

Although you should expect to receive the corp kits no later than Friday, June 15; some may take a few days longer depending on where you are physically located.

All of the corp kits are being sent from Miami, FL via Priority Mail.

Once again thank you for your continued patience as we ‘…forget those things which are behind and reach forward to those things which are ahead…’

As always, additional information will be provided when it becomes available to me from Jon/Tony.

Please do not become alarmed if I am unable to respond to your emails and or telephone calls as I will have very limited internet and telephone access this week.

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