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We have a business relationship with a lender that provides customized loans to individuals, institutions and companies around the world. Whether you’re a CEO, a law firm, a fresh start-up, an established business, an active investor or an individual shareholder, they will provide you fast access to capital.


Lending against securities is not a new concept, but it is rapidly gaining popularity because it makes sense for the reality of today’s economy. We are living in extraordinary times. World financial markets are grossly undervaluing bellwether stocks such as Microsoft, GE and Citibank by reacting emotionally to market fears, rather than rationally by rewarding firms with solid balance sheets. And it’s even tougher out there for early stage companies that could be the next Google.


Making matters worse, we’re living in a time when business credit is not flowing freely, leaving C-suite executives, shareholders and investors searching for liquidity yet hesitant to cash in on stocks they hope will see a return to value.


Fundamentally, popular wisdom says our best days are ahead of us, which is why borrowing against your securities makes more sense than selling them today.


Whether you’re looking to raise capital to pay down a debt, make an alternative investment, leverage your existing one, or simply take some capital off the table as a hedge against unforeseen events, we can structure a loan for you.  You can get the cash you need today while still retaining the upside potential in your investments for tomorrow.


Since 2000, the management of ICG has evaluated and executed thousands of structured financings and portfolio hedges in 20 countries totaling over half a billion dollars.

Their approach to lending allows borrowers the flexibility of gaining needed liquidity at a reasonable cost and without sacrificing potential upside. Moreover, loans are both interest-only and non-recourse, so you have the option of walking away at any time with no further liability.
They collaborate with the borrower on the terms of each and every loan. The process is quick, transparent and completely confidential. All of which explains why they are the market leader in lending standards, customer service and transaction execution and have the best reputation in the industry.


Here’s a note that I received moments ago on a prospective client’s loan request:

Thanks Joe,

I just heard from Underwriting regarding Francisco’s request for a 100K loan using Walgreen’s as collateral.
The 3 year model is the best option for him, we will be at 70% LTV, with an interest rate of 3 month libor + 350, or roughly 3.80% interest.
The 2 year came back at 65% LTV, Libor plus 400, or 4.30%
Also, due to the size of this loan, we will need the stock retitled to our firm’s name, stock will not be sold unless there is a default on the loan and will be hedged in our book. The stock is returned to the borrower with all appreciation when the loan and all interest is paid in full.

Steps to Doing Business:


CONTACT US through Joe Tufo at 1-800-669-2700 or

Our process gets started with simple detail about your collateral and the amount of funding needed. Our specialists will be in contact with you shortly after your inquiry to confirm we have the details needed to process your loan effectively and efficiently.


Our clients need to provide proof of ownership of their securities or options with either electronic or physical certificate documents. You must also be able to demonstrate that any security is free-trading and without restriction. Out of the box securities/ portfolios can be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.


Customization of loan terms is what makes ICG different. They first determine the liability of the collateral, and then calculate a loan-to-value (LTV) ratio and fixed interest rate based on an assessment of both short-and long-term risks. They work to understand your goals and concerns, and then collaborate on mutually agreeable terms.


They explicitly document the mutually agreed terms, sign all contracts and arrange assets to be transferred to ICG. They execute loans quickly, often in a matter of days. Payment terms include quarterly fixed interest only payments.


At the end of the loan term, you repay the loan. Once your loan is repaid in full, they return the collateral to you. It’s that simple.

p.s. Here’s a case study for you:

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