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Project Funding

Frustrated with the inability of getting your project(s) funded?

We have four alternative funding sources that may be of interest and value to you:

1. Ali – domestic, requires approx. $400,000 in fees for structuring a loan of $8,000,000. Funding takes about 45 banking days. Interest rate 6% interest only for 10 years.

2. LEAP – There are several articles on our websites. Based in Canada. Requires $1,000,000 minimum for structuring $10,000,000. 10:1 leverage. If you need $100,000,000 place $10,000,000. Funds in 10 banking days.

3. Offshore Panama – I’ve written about this before. Seasoned funding source. Requires 1% in escrow, funds $50,000,000+. Takes 75 to 90 banking days with complications could take 180 days .

Confidentiality agreements preclude from directly identifying clients.

The most recent deal types  engaged:

Resort Developments;

Multi-use – hotel, office and residential;

Monetizing of in-ground assets;

Social Housing;

Energy production – hydroelectric;

Energy production – waste to fuel.

4. Domestic – Requires 4% in cash. minimum Funding $7,000,000. Interest rates 12% plus 8% closing fees minimum. Takes 45 banking days to fund.


Alternatively you can place money in the Gold Commodity Buy/Sell program or another Platform.


The key ingredients to funding success, in our experience, have been:

  1. A powerful Executive Summary of one to four pages. You can purchase our template and video review at

  2. Bio’s of key personnel.

  3. A detailed use of funds broken down monthly for the first year and quarterly thereafter.

  4. A 5-year proforma and written Exit Strategy.

    You can purchase a MP3 of our live calls:

    MANAGED BUY/SELL PLATFORM TRADES – $50K TO $50M GOLD COMMODITIES Week 43 20111026 Wed, October 26, 2011

    We had another great call today. Richard and Greg mentioned that the minimum may increase to $1,000,000 which caught everyone by surprise including me. There was talk of increasing to $100,000 but $1,000,000 would exclude many of our prospective investors.
    Get your CIS, Passport, Proof of Funds, and Letter of Interest to me ASAP if you are planning on placing funds. Invest now while the minimum is still $50,000. You can place above that in $25,000 increments: $50k, $75k, $100k, $125k etc.
    We have two other programs: one is a gold future program that is about two years old The minimum is $5,000. There is no maximum. Call for rates. We have an offshore program that you can start with $1,000 to receive access to due dilgence records. I AM NOT ENDORSING the offshore program at this time.
    The Gold Commodity Buy-Sell has several options. Purchase MP3 recording of the call for only $20 and listen in to the CEO and Platform Manager answer questions live. Listen to my opening comments. You’ll learn a lot. The programs are real. Clients are being paid. I want you as a client. let’s get started now.

    Price: $20.00

    Joseph P. Tufo, President
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    Please attend our Wednesday Weekly Conference Calls. Listen to client testimonials and ask questions. We are fully transparent and real.
    November 2, 2011 Wednesday Weekly Conference Call Week 44:

    PLATFORM TRADES – $50K TO $50M GOLD COMMODITIES,  Project Funding, and More

    November 9, 2011 Wednesday Weekly Conference Call Week 45:

    PLATFORM TRADES – $50K TO $50M GOLD COMMODITIES,  Project Funding, and More

    November 16, 2011 Wednesday Weekly Conference Call Week 46:

    PLATFORM TRADES – $50K TO $50M GOLD COMMODITIES,  Project Funding, and More

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