Potential Referral Partners – Why Us-Cash Flow Specialists?

Referral Partners
Why Us?

We work closely with independent mortgage brokers, real estate brokers, bankers, attorneys, accountants, business managers, and other professionals seeking fast, reliable financing for their clients, while providing a value added service to handle hard to place loans with varied circumstances – enabling you to keep your clients in-house.

Why refer to us? Because we understand the needs of your customers, we offer  expertise to head off potential problems, and expedite financing. Our processes are geared to help your customers reach their financing goals. In most cases we are able to fund transactions that conventional lenders cannot or will not and we get the job done faster!

We choose our partners carefully. We understand that a referral is much more than just a name and a number. It’s a closely guarded relationship built over time. Our commitment is to advance your professional reputation while providing a venue to help your clients meet their most critical financing and timing needs.

Your customers are why we are in business. Our customers are you – the loan intermediaries – who refer your customers to us. Your customers are the borrowers who have good equity and a plan, but may have been turned down based on their previous track record, credit rating or the uniqueness of the loan request. Let us help you extend our services to your customers.

You and your clients always have our Guarantee:

* We will always treat your clients as you would from first contact through loan payoff.
* If we are asked to do a transitional loan for you, we will return your client when our job is done.
* You remain in the loop throughout the loan cycle.

Cash Flow Specialists offers a private banking intermediary experience providing value-added support to you; your associates’ and your clients finance efforts. For more information or assistance, please contact us directly at 800-669-2700.

As always we are here to serve you and those whom you choose to refer 7AM to 5PM M-F Pacific.

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