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Need Capital?

Commonwealth Capital Advisors is comprised of Wall Street Investment Bankers, Securities Attorneys and CPAs who invented Financial Architect®, a patent pending system designed to substantially reduce the cost (in time and money) of raising capital, through selling securities.

Financial Architect® is:

  1. KNOWLEDGE: Gain inside information on how the real world of capital works through the E-Book: “The Secrets of Wall Street — Raising Capital for Start-Up and Early Stage Companies”;
  2. POWER: Create a “Marketable Deal Structure” — for securities that investors want. Keep the vast majority of common ownership interest and voting control without going into debt. Produce the required securities offering documents (fully compliant with federal and state securities laws).
  3. RESULTS: Access real investors, for personal introductions, to get the job done.


The two most frequently received comments from our customers are:

“Wow, where have you guys been? — I could have used this years ago,” and
“You put a lot of work into this… this is great, thank you so much.”


We paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for legal, accounting, and investment banking work product, just to license it to you – to enable you to have a shot at your dream. We’ve taken one of the most complex, arduous and expensive processes and reduced it into a simple, easy and inexpensive system. We’ve borne 90% of the cost and have done 90% of the work, now it’s up to you to close the gap and finish the process of capitalizing your company.

Yours is the Next Move: Financial Architect® – Private Placement Producer™.

– Truly Revolutionary –

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