Monster Corporations $500,000 to $2,000,000

There are certain industries that have a difficult time obtaining funding in good and bad times.

Restaurants come to mind. I started working in restaurants when I was five years old. My dad was a store manager for Walgreen Drug Company in Hammond Indiana about 20 miles from our home in Hazel Crest Illinois not far from Chicago. Dad took to me to work with him on Saturdays. It was my job to put ice in a bucket and pull a cart to the restaurant unit. That was 54 years ago. I remember it like it was yesterday.

Real Estate Investors are another group that are finding it difficult to obtain funding. Our funding source just funded two real estate investors in Southern California: one for $1,200,000 and the second for $2,000,000. You can make terrific buys on REO’s if you have access to capital.

Contractors are having a hard time obtaining funding. I owned an insurance agency for 22 years and insured more than 200 contractors. I’ve owned this business for 10+ years and have funded several contractors.

Not For The Faint of Heart

I have known Hector and Peter for 16 months. They are the best that I have found at funding business people who acquire active corporations that can be funded in three increments:

$500,000 cost $33,000 to their company: $5,000 to Cash Flow Specialists, Inc.

$1,500,000 cost $60,000 to their company: $15,000 to Cash Flow Specialists, Inc.

$2,000,000 cost $75,000 to their company: $20,000 to Cash Flow Specialists, Inc.

The success fee is 12% and can be paid out of each funding. It is due within two business days.

You must have a 735 min FICO score, be at least 27 years old, have a debt to high credit under 30%. The process takes 90 to 130 calendar days. They are very detailed. About three weeks into the process they will make a site visit. They will also meet with you at the close.

If you need funding within three to four months and have the money (we don’t want your last dollar) this may be a powerful tool for you to use.

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