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Lessons Learned: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly; Questions to Ask Traders, Private Client Programs $5k to $50m, Lines and Credit and More 20100918

Lessons Learned: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly; Questions to Ask Traders, Private Client Programs $5k to $50m, Lines and Credit and More 20100918


This is a compilation of everything that occurred in our office for the week. It’s an opportunity for you to see what we learned.

We’re pretty good at what we do but we’re far from perfect. You’ll learn that our clients and funding providers are far from perfect too. Hopefully we’ll all learn some lessons on how to do business better.

We’re looking for “Clients for Life.” If you’re looking for a trustworthy, hard working Capital and Cash Flow Specialist perhaps we can do business. With 33+ years of financial services experience (November 1976 to present) we may be uniquely qualified to serve you and those whom you choose to refer.

Please remember that we work on a Priority-Expedited basis and a Non-Priority- Get To You When We Can basis. Not everyone understands our business model and that’s okay. After 33+ years in financial services we can’t please everyone – We do the best that we can for committed paying clients because they’re the ones who keep us in business.


I’ve sat through tens of thousands of presentations since we started in business July 1,1999. Most are made by shrewed entrepreneurs in search of funding for their new business concepts.

I am continually shocked by the failure of most of these presentations to communicate effectively and persuasively.

The problem is that nobody knows how to tell a story. And what’s worse, nobodyknows that they don’t know how to tell a story.

The overwhelming majority of business presentations merely serve to convey data, not to persuade.

You need to be able to master the art of telling a story in a clear, convincing manner.

Investors have been burned badly in the past several years. There’s nothing worse than receiving a 250-page “novel” with the funding request buried on page 57. We don’t have time to sift and sort through hundreds of pages of data and to give dozens of hours of our precious time away.

If you’d like to be “coached” on how to present powerfully and effectively you should retain Cash Flow Specialists, Inc. as a Priority – Expedited Client.

We’ve helped hundreds obtain funding, are you next?

We’re running a Special Promotion until December 31, 2010:

We’ve had good success in funding several in these difficult times.

We’ve found that those whom we meet with face-to-face for a couple of hours, that really get plugged into our websites, newsletters, articles, and webinars have a much higher funding success rate than those who try to “go on the cheap” skip the process. don’t read the newsletters and, in general, try to do things their way.

If you’re serious about getting funded you’ll come to Concord CA and spend two hours with me.

For only $2,500 you’ll receive two hours of coaching for you and your teamhere in Concord CA on how to properly fund your viable project or idea, athorough review and written critique of your Executive Summary, Bio’s, Detailed Use of Funds, 5-Year Pro-Forma, and Exit Strategy, and a one-year prepaid subscription to our 4,000+ page and growing private subscription website which archives our newsletters. This is a $4,664 value if you buy the services separately.

In addition, if you choose to become a Priority Client we’ll credit your entire $2,500 investment plus the costs of your travel to Concord CA towards our Priority Expedited Client Fee.

We’ve been successful in funding dozens of business people who struck out using mainstream funding sources. Block a couple of days; fly or drive to the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area, bring a cashier’s check or wire funds direct to our Bank of America corporate account.

If you need more than two hours we’ll charge only $500 an hour instead of our normal $1,000 an hour and we’ll still credit it all towards our Priority Expedited Client Fee.

If you need me to come to you for two hours you’ll need to add $10,000 for travel expenses and time away from Concord CA. If you need more than two hours we’ll charge only $500 an hour instead of our normal $1,000 an hour and we’ll still credit it all towards our Priority Expedited Client Fee.

This is one of the most dependable Traders available:

Kindly email your bank statement not more than three business days old – all statement pages. I will introduce you to Chris P, Trade Principal.

Don’t Tell Me/Show Me

I will give you exactly what you give me.

Chris will educate you.

I have personally known the founder of this program for four years. Recently, Ron, a Canadian developer client of ours, was vetted. He is participating now. Ron told me that for 15 years he tried with 10 to 12 broker groups and got nowhere.

When it comes to trading too many times we get caught up in the old Joker Broker World of total fakes, scams and frauds. I have never understood why anyone would spin their wheels, trying to put down a trade, that will never pay, let alone ever get traded (Dream Brokers).When you are ready to enter into a real trade with realistic profits posted then give us a call and find out more.

If you’ve been looking for a Real Opportunity to participate in a proven program this may be the answer for you.

With a trial trade of $5,000 to $25,000 your monthly yield is 4% which is double the annual interest rate of most U.S.A. CD programs. That’s right, you can earn a yield in one month that doubles the annual rate of return of most CD’s.

CDs Overnight Averages

Product Yield +/- Last week
6 Mo CD 0.87% 0.80%
1 Yr CD 1.29% 1.29%
5 Yr CD 2.60% 2.63%
1 Yr Jumbo CD 1.16% 1.14%

Dale and I were out walking last night. We’ve been friends for more than 33 years. We walk a few miles every night and talk. We’ve been doing that for a few years to stay fit and to share time. I told Dale that this may be the best tool that we have in our “toolboxes” to help people self-liquidate loans in a fraction of the time. It’s also a great tool to use for providing for loved ones, to make a charitable foundation “evergreen,” to fund a college education, to fuel a start-up, and the list goes on.

I taught insurance for 19 years. I was chairman of education for the local life underwriter’s association for 13 years and ran hundreds of agent through classes annually. Our 22-year old daughter, jenny, asked me about life insurance for she and our son-in-law over the weekend. I told her about Banker’s  Life & Casualty’s insurance founder – billionaire, John D. McArthur’s famous quote, “We sell insurance, we don’t buy it.”

Did you know that if you place just $100,000 in this small cap trade and allow it to grow for five years that you will have in excess of $5m ($5,153,632) assuming that the trade continues and that you re-invest on a quarterly basis? That will fund anything you can dream.

Imagine if you started with $1,000,000…

Here you find all trade programs we offer of the 2010 season; with each program listed, there is a brief description of its intended use and the type of investor that should be participating in each level of trade.


(Trade Cap Amounts)

TRIAL / TRADE Approved Trades Platform owned by MGB
Amount of Trade Term Cycles Rolls Profits Pay Outs
$ 5K to $ 25K 6 Mo 90 day None 4% P /Mo. 2 total
Trade Structure and Terms:

Trial Trades are for 6 months or 2 /90 day trade cycles in term.  Trial Trades payout once every 90 days for a total of 2 payouts before they end. Trial trades can not be rolled to another 6 month cycle; they must terminate at the end of the 6 months term. They can however, reapply the next trade  season 2011

Trial Trade; are for Investors that are:

·         Skeptical, not sure they wish to commit a larger sum of funds; without seeing how it all works.

·         Investor that has been given so many different program offers, and never had one deliver in the end.

·         Investor that just does not believe, these are not real and that they are all scams.

We understand these concerns and thoughts, so this is your opportunity to prove it out.

Kick the tires to sort of speak.

INTERMEDIATE / TRADES Approved Trades Platform owned by MGB
Amount of Trade Term Cycles Rolls Profits Pay Outs
$ 30K to $ 75K 9 Mo 90 day None 6% P/M 3 total
Trade Structure and Terms:

Intermediate Trades are for 9 months or 12 months; depending upon the investment amount, (see above).  3 /90 day trade cycles in term and 4 /90 day trade cycles in term.  Intermediate Trades payout once every 90 days for a total of 3 payouts and/or 4 payouts, before they end. Trail trades can not be rolled over to another cycle; they must terminate at the end of the 9 or 12, months term. They can however, reapply the next trade  season 2011

SMALL CAP TRADES Approved Trades Platform owned by MGB
Amount of Trade Term Cycles Roll Over Profit Pay Outs
$ 100 K to $ 500K 12 mo 90 day 4 years 10% P/M 4 Total P/Y
$ 500 K to $ 1 M 12 mo 90 day 4 years 10% P/M 4 Total P/Y
$ 1 M to $ 3 M 12mo 90 day 4 years 12% P/M 4 Total P/Y
$ 3 M to $ 5 M 12mo 90 day 4 years

TBD 4 Total P/Y
$ 5 M to $ 10 M 12mo 90 day 4 years

TBD 4 Total P/Y
Trade Structure and Terms:

Small Cap Trades are for 12 months; 4 /90 day trade cycles in term. Trade payouts, once every 90 days for a total of 4 payouts, before they end for that season and automatically roll to the next season. The roll over life is 4 years completing a 5 total years of trading.  The Investor can then re apply for another trade term of, 5 total years trading, by filing a new compliance package and applying it to a new trade term of 5 years.

Large Cap Trades Trades above 20M are by Special Contact Trades only
Amount of Trade Term Cycles Rolls Profits Pay Outs
$ 10 M to $ 20 M 12 mo 90 day 10 years Open 4 Total P/Y
$ 20 M to $ 50 M 12 mo 90 day 10 years Open 4 Total P/Y
Trade Structure and Terms:

Large Cap Trades are for 12 months; 4 /90 day trade cycles in term Trade payouts, once every 90 days for a total of 4 payouts per year, before they end for that season and automatically roll to the next season. The roll over life is a total of (Bank contracted years), trading under this trade.  (normal is 5/10 years)
Large Cap Trades; are for Investors that are:

·         Investors who are comfortable with the trade terms.

·          Investors wanting long term roll over’s and extensions

·         Investors that are sophisticated  and seasoned with the trade industry

·         Investors who have established a history of trade and  have funds to enter at this level of trade

All trade documentation will be review and approved by Regulated Compliance Officers. Programming and Guidelines are proprietary to MGB Ltd.: MGB PCPT /LLC: MGB LLC ©®™¹86312MGB1985/2010,(All rights reserved MGB- 1985 – 2010) All trade is cash only transactions wherein funds move to the bank of trade, no instruments.  All trades are conducted in New Zealand and are under New Zealand corporate regulatory statues. Profits posted are done so in considerations of the up to full amount posted.


Are you tired of all the trade offers produced by Brokers who make claims that they are the trader and that they are direct to the trade Platform?

If your answers were yes, then please read on then download the attachment to this email. This is the season for all the bogus traders and the instruments to come to the surface and make attempts to enter into a trade agreement, normally without a contract.   This has been going on for years and it will continue to go on for years to come.

This industry is one that allows for any Johnny come lately, to claim what ever title that they want, in order to conduct the business that we are engaged in and have been for well over 20 years now.  Before you get involved with any entity claiming to be in control of his / her offer to trade, you should ask the following questions.

  1. Are you the trader, do you execute each and every trade yourself?
  2. Where are you located, exactly?
  3. Where do you trade from: what country?
  4. Will you issue a copy of the so called Traders Passport and a second ID (like a Drivers Lic.)?
  5. What is your business License,. Number, and your country and state or Province of issue?
  6. Describe exactly what your role is in this trade offer and its execution: are you the decision maker or are you not?
  7. Do you issue a contract for the trade that clearly describes the amount of the trade, the profit position and the pay distribution of the Investor and any other party involved?
  8. What are my sources of contact and by what means can they be used if I need to speak with someone ASAP?
  9. Are you in any way connected to any trade activity that is conducted in South America, Switzerland or that requires Euro Clear?
  10. Do you represent any funds stay in account trades that only require a Bank Block and Reserve or SWIFT MT 700 series transmission to conduct the trade?

If you receive a positive yes answer to numbers 9 and 10, you are engaged in a bogus trade and need to run from it.

Know who you are dealing with and what their position is exactly.  Do not get involved in the old you are dealing with a very select group of people, this may be true in some circles but they are far beyond your limit line of business, if they were not then you would not be reading this email to start with, you would have no need to do so.  Because you already have more money than you could ever spend.

Chris P (above) is a small cap trader not a pie in the sky deal maker: we work for our money every single day one trade at a time.  When you are speaking to Chris P. you are speaking to the people who push the button and execute your trade one client at a time, personally.

So when you have reached your limit line of JOKER BROKER DEALS and require some reality with realistic profits, then get in contact with us: 925-352-6000 Cell, 925-691-8200 Direct to Desk.

David S. whom I have known for a few years sent this:

You mentioned to avoid any trade activity that is conducted in Switzerland, why is that?

David Sxxxxx, PhD
President & CEO
Liberty Renewable Fuels, LLC

Chris’ reply:


You mentioned to avoid any trade activity that is conducted in Switzerland, why is that?

Switzerland has had a ban on trading for the past year and a half, This is due to the UBS and Credit Suisse tax fraud two and half years ago.  The Swiss blocked mainly all US held accounts there and the USA blocked all Swiss Accounts here.  They agreed to completely disagree on a settlement of this issue of USA trade position and most of the real trades bailed out and ran to London where they have re-settled and have tried to open up shop again.  

All dollars in and out of Switzerland are so heavily screened and in most cases seized.  The actual trade entities there have had little to no luck in conducting trades of substance in that they have for now lost the reputation so much needed to conduct their business and the fear of Government intervention is very high, thus driving off most of the small cap traders as well.

This came in Monday September 13, 2010:

Questions and Answers to Questions:

  1. The company details you gave me on the Escrow company, I cannot find this company on the net.

ANSWER:This is the parent company of the three company structure.
a. MGB Ltd  ……………… Parent Corporation
b. MGB PCPT Ltd……….. Trading side of the Corporation under the Parent Corporation.
c. MGBH Ltd…….. Escrow side of the Corporation under the Parent Corporation.

All Corporations are New Zealand Register and all three have their own Corporate ID and IRD Numbers.

2. We are not used to escrow accounts as in the UK we do not really use Escrow, that is why I am a little unsure how the escrow company cannot misuse or let another company take my money out of the account.

ANSWER: We are issued instructions by the owner of the funds see attached sample instructions as to what we are to do with the funds in Account.  Escrow Companies no matter were Located can only act upon the instructions of the escrow account which are issued by the client holding the escrow account.

3.  if we can set up a call with the Escrow company and if they are large and well known that would be ideal with a good reputation and Moody score.

ANSWER: You already have had calls with the owner and CEO of the Holdings company, Chris.  He is the sole owner of all 3 companies that comprise the trade offer.

With regard to a Moody Score, we do not subscribe to that system.  This is basic, if I pay them enough they will post only what I send them period.  Therefore I can send them documents that show we are worth over 100 billion USD and they will post that, why?  Because they have no resources to check on this other than the data that we provide them in their application process all 2 pages of it (from Moody).  They are not allowed by law to demand any information from any source that is not public or that is not provided by the Company in the first place.  SO then if I pay them they write for your reading pleasure what ever I give to them.

4.  Reputation. we have a perfect reputation in that we have no / zero company issues from anyone in a government position. e have discussed this several times at this popint but not an issuew we can do it all over again.

This came in Tuesday September 14, 2010:

Joe and Indi ; (after reading this note please review the web links provided)

Forward this on to Indi:  we do not subscribe to these services in that they, as stated before, post what they are paid to post.  These companies are like any other – they are a for profit company and that is why they are in business … for profit.  The last quote that was given to MGB for listing with Moody’s and Dunn and Bradstreet was around $52,000.00 with annual renewal of $30,000 (per year).

Why would anyone do this if they truly understood what these companies really do and how inaccurate their information really is they would be out of business, but big business supports them and this creates the placebo of truth and honesty.  Truth is they are just as messed up as the market that they report on.

I get very disturbed over all this baloney, a client either wants to invest or they do not want to invest, your current client has had more than enough conversations with us (Chris P) to have reached his decision, Why does he now, after confirming 4 times via phone, that he requires outside parties to make his decision?

We have a perfect credit score and that is because we have zero debt and zero credit profile we do not buy products we sell product (trade Programming) therefore then can be no credit score because we are the issuer of the credit score.

So once again none of this makes sense to me.  Please advise your client that this is simple he is either going to invest or he is not, but I really do not want to hear conformation of his actions with no progress other than this rating thing or other such items as this.  Everyone is given and has the right to do their DD however this is not DD this is stalling for time, plain and simple these are questions that should have been asked in the very beginning.

By the way I have search the D & B records (data Base “Companies rating” and the “Moody’s ratings”), for a listing on our friend’s company and to no surprise there is no rating available nor any data available to me to help access this discussion to include a web site, for my viewing.  Which in the end makes no difference, we either enter into contract with each other or we do not, that is the story at the end of the day.

Good luck to all, as always I am available for one more call over this and then it will be time to move on.

Moody’s Whistleblower to Testify before Congress on Ratings Fraud


Documented STORY No.1

Moody’s Reveals the Incompetence of its Own Ratings!!!

Follow this Link to read the story.


Documented STORY NO.2

Moody’s Implied Ratings Show MBIA, Ambac Turn to Junk (Update1)

“When I first saw this product, my reaction was, `Goodness gracious, Moody’s has got a product that is basically publicizing where the market disagrees with Moody’s,”’ says David Munves, managing director for credit strategy research at Moody’s Analytics. The implied-ratings unit works in a corner of Moody’s new world headquarters in lower Manhattan, across the street from Ground Zero

David Munves, managing director for credit strategy research at Moody’s Analytics.

Best Regards, Cheers



This came in Sunday September 12th:

Hello Joe,

Thanks for helping My friends, Steven Creek, & John Rice–

James See

Anthony told me Monday September 13th that I like to talk on the phone. I pulled the Goldmine database records from 1/1/10 to 10AM 9/13/10 I had been on 6,971 calls 783 hours 28m, 25s, successful 71.2% of the time reaching people, average call 6m 44s. He was “blown away.” I have 18.5 years of records using this system. You need to know that the people you hire are actually working. By the way that’s an average of almost 83 hours a month on the phone.


This came in from Neil, a prominent attorney in Baltimore, MD Monday September 13, 2010:


You are one of a kind. You treat your clients like I treat mine, As a result I think sometimes they think I am their father. They not only ask legal questions they ask me how to live. I guess that is an honor to be trusted to that extent



A client funded today with Wells Fargo Bank at $245,000.

This is a new small balance personal and business line of credit product. It has a back end 20% fee. There is a 1%, $1,000.00 minimum up front fee that is fully earned for Cash Flow Specialists, Inc. it funds in three to four weeks.:

Personal Guarantor should meet the following criteria for Corporate and Personal Funding:

1) A FICO score of 700 or above.
2) 3-5 credit accounts in good standing.
3) One account should be a mortgage (preferable, not required).
4) A debt-to-income ratio of 35-50%.
5) A balance-to-limit ratio of 35-50% on all revolving accounts.
6) One account should have a credit limit of $10k or more (preferable, not required).
7) No bankruptcies, student loan defaults, or tax liens.
8) No derogatory accounts on your credit report (no late pays, no collection accounts,
etc) in the last 48 months.

9.) Limited inquiries

****Please have the Guarantor submit their login info including their SSN for so that we can evaluate the amount of funding that is possible.


This came in Wednesday September 15, 2010 from a factoring underwriter. It’s a narrative between she and I and our contractor client:

I sent this to Tobi:

I told Victor about the $500 DD fee July 12th in an email. He forgot about it. He’s afraid of sending the money and not being accepted into the program.

Her response:

I know that. That’s why I emailed him that we could take it out of the back end — he doesn’t want to pay ANY due diligence fees at all.

FYI back end means that when we get paid back, we deduct what we’ve advanced, we deduct our discount fee and rebate the balance back to our client (and also pay you). We would take the dd fees out of the rebate.

My question now is: why doesn’t he think he will “be accepted?” Does he have prior UCC-1’s hanging out there with a bank? Does he have a tax lien?

Duh, Victor, once we fund…that means,  “you’re accepted!”

On a more serious note, Joe, do you think he really needs the money? Even if he went to a bank, and they agreed to lend him money, he would still be paying not only fees…but points, auditor’s fees, quarterly accounting fees, etc. Would he refuse to pay those?


I had a series of talks with Jocelyn a 30-year oil and gas consultant
is an international project development and consulting firm headquartered in the United States.  We provide project development, financing, corporate growth and economic develop:ment strategy to both industry and governments.


They finance or invest in well-prepared and qualified projects in addition to offering their unique international network of business and government relationships to support corporate expansion.

Their major areas of interest include natural resources, mining, oil and gas, green and alternative energy, environmental technology, real estate, agriculture, and economic development projects.


They have enjoyed a thirty-year consulting practice with the top 100 international corporations, as well as with mid-market and green field projects.

As part of the design and implementation of client growth strategies, they’ve implemented acquisition and organic growth programs, designed competitive market strategies, established financial and management systems, organized international supply chain sourcing, and developed leadership and management competency.

As a result of their experience in finance, strategy, management, and education, they were able to establish a long-term and rewarding working relationship with the Chinese Government while facilitating Economic Development Programs and Sino-International relationships for clients in China and Southeast Asia, Mexico and South America, United States, and Europe.


They maintain a database of international qualified direct buyers and sellers for a variety of commodities and can help facilitate your trade needs.  Let us know what you are seeking.


My friend Lee is looking for investor’s minimum $500,000 for a currency play. He will pay 10% a month on the money. If you’re interested give me a call.


This came in Saturday September 18th:

Hello Joe. This is Larry Thomas. It is currently 1:15am. I have just spent the past few days reading; studying, and re-reading a score of your e-mails and news letters. I must commend you and say that you are incredible. The past few days I have learned so much about the world of finance. I have learned things that I have never even heard of before. I have become a student of your news letters. Well, I am just so amazed at what I am learning that I wanted to just stop…Take a deep breath…And Thank You!!

Thank you Joe Tufo!!


As always we’re available M-F 7AM to 5PM Pacific 925-691-8200 Office or 925-352-6000 Cell

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