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Large Project Funding 45 Business Day Close

I received a call April 24th from the Funding Manager of a European Trust Fund who startled me with his funding ability:

If you have 2.5% of your project value in cash he can leverage 10:1 and close your loan in 45 business days. Rates are at Prime +3% (P+3).

The minimum transaction size is $20m which means that you need $2m to play. The processing fee is $1500. Our business consultancy fee is 1% per project capped at $25,000 for one project, $100,000 for four or more projects. You will have access to me by phone or email. You will have a six-month subscription to our site when you pay our fee.

This is a non-recourse loan with a 5-year call so you will need to bear that in mind. You will need to be  able to be able to prove assets with a sanitized copy of a bank statement or brokerage account.  The Program Manager charges 5 points and pays us 1/4 to 1/2 point per transaction.

If you decide to move forward here’s what you need to do:

1. Complete and sign the CFSI fee agreement (first attachment) and either fax to 206-984-2853 or scan and email to

2. Complete and sign the Mutual NCND (second attachment and either fax to 206-984-2853 or scan and email to

3. Send an Executive Summary (if you don’t have a concise document you may order from It should not exceed four pages) along with your sanitized proof of funds.

4. Wire or Direct Deposit 1% maximum $25,000 one project, $100,000 four or more projects (fully earned and non-refundable) to our Bank of America account (call and I’ll email the coordinates) and either fax the receipt to 206-984-2853 or scan and email to

When we receive these four items we will email you the loan package that you will complete and scan and email to   Once we have your completed loan package we will schedule a conference call and personally introduce you to the Program Manager.

As always we are here to serve you and those whom you choose to refer.

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