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Impress Lenders

When dealing with Lenders and Investors, the MAJOR DECISION FACTOR that will be considered during the Underwriting Process is, of course, YOUR CREDIT! In this case, of course, we are talking about your BUSINESS CREDIT, and NOT your Personal Credit.

Imagine you were an Underwriter looking at a Credit Request from a Company and found out that the Company has either NO Credit History or BAD Credit History…would you Approve the Credit Request and lend any significant amount of Unsecured Funds to this Business without a Personal Guarantee? The answer is obviously NO!

The only way to convince a Lender to extend significant amounts of Unsecured Credit to your Business is to show the Lender that your Business has a Successful Track Record of Financial Responsibility in paying its bills and managing its Credit Accounts, and that translates into having Very Strong Business Credit with all 3 Business Credit Bureaus.

Most Business Owners don’t think about this until they are declined for a Credit Request because of an unsatisfactory of non-existent Business Credit History – Don’t wait to get the door slammed in your face by the Lender before you “Wake-Up” to reality!

So, do you want to be APPROVED for Financing or do you want to get the boot and be shown the door? The Answer is obvious, and the Solution is to build Amazing Business Credit, which is exactly what you will accomplish when you become our Client! We make it EASY for you – So don’t waste time and Sign-Up right now!

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