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Frequently Asked Questions About A/R Financing Questions about the Application Process

Q: Do I have to pay a fee to get started or for you to process my application?
A: No. Sxxxxxx requires no start-up fees to process your application. However, upon acceptance of our proposal, Sxxxxxx may require a documentation and due diligence fee to cover our underwriting costs.

Q: How long does it take to process my application?
A: Normally between three and five working days is enough to get a client approval. We are generally able to give preliminary approvals within 24-48 hours via a proposal that details the basic terms of our agreement.

Q: Who will help me complete the application?
A: Sxxxxxx has several experienced Business Development Officers that will assist you with the application, and will walk you through the process.Joe Tufo of Cash Flow Specialists, Inc. is also available to assist.

Upon acceptance of our proposal and completion of the underwriting process, your Business Development Officer will introduce you to the Account Manager that will ultimately be your daily contact.

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The application process is simple. Underwriting takes just a few days. Yopu can have a credit line in place within a week and accelerate your cash flow at a nominal cost and reduce collections substantially.

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