Four Key Ingredients to Funding Success

After reviewing hundreds of Executive Summaries a year for the past few years we’ve learned the keys to funding success. For more information look at the course material: this gives an overview of products and services this is course material on how to properly complete an Executive Summary and offers the template(s) and a video view with suggestions on how to improve the document.

Four Ingredients to Funding Success:
1. Executive Summary not to exceed four pages
2. Bio’s key people
3. Detailed use of funds
4. Pro-forma five years ideal

We have a fully earned, non-refundable sliding scale 1% consulting fee per project with a $2,500 minimum and $25,000 maximum.

CFS will make “a best effort” to underwrite, process and consult with the goal of getting each application funded. This service offers six months of mentoring, consultation, and coaching services. All fees are credited against success commissions earned at the close of escrow.

We do not guarantee that funding is available as it is unlawful to make any such promise.

We are committed to processing your project(s) as fast as humanly possible and you are committed to completing our checklist to accommodate us in completing the submission.

Kindly make a cashier’s check payable to Joseph P. Tufo 1% of each project, maximum $25,000 and mail to:
Joe Tufo
P.O. Box 844
Alamo CA 94507

Alternatively, you can wire money to our Bank of America account. We will not accept company checks because we’ve had two-returned NSF . Not a good thing to do to a funding source!

This is a recording on who we are and what we do:

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