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“If Even One Percent of the Film Funders In Hollywood Was


Every Movie Would Get Made…”

If Only!

We have access to over 400 funding sources. Many of these (claim) to fund films. However, very few actually do. (I’ve wasted a lot of time figuring this out.)

I do have at least one source I can rely on to fund films.

What they do is a financial instrument leverage program. They have a couple of alternatives, but each will require a down payment on your part.

For example, with as little as $150,000 in cash, we can generate $10M or more within 60 days.

You can even opt to forestall interest payments for the first 3-5 years, allowing the film to be completed and
profitable before you pay anything back.

Under this alternative, my source will also sometimes require an equity kicker (usually about 20% of the project).

He also has other programs that won’t require any payback on your part.

If you are interested (and have at least $150,000 in available cash), let’s talk.

Joe Tufo


Notes From The Program Manager July 28, 2009:

They’ll need 1% cash down ($150K minimum down). Down payment is refundable if they don’t get funded. (No chance of not getting funded if they accept deposit.)

Client gives up 25% equity in the film, with buyout option available. Client pays back the loan at 5% interest,
amortized over 15 years, first payment starts in 13th month.

We have a self-liquidating option that can pay off the loan before the first payment is due.

We’ll need exec summary and script to get started.

John G.

p.s. Remember that Cash Flow Specialists, Inc. has a fully earned, non-refundable 1% commitment consultation fee capped at $25,000 per film.

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