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“Every Day We Hear From Clients Who Express Frustration, Trying To Fund Their Business Or Real Estate Project… In A Tight Credit Market”

“Every Day We Hear From Clients Who Express Frustration, Trying To Fund Their Business Or Real Estate Project… In A Tight Credit Market”

That’s because the banks are not able to meet their needs anymore. The credit crunch has infected the capital markets, hurting the standard commercial banks… and the clients who rely on them.

That’s where we come in. We have 383 alternative funding sources that are interested in putting their money up for the right projects.

What is the right project? The answer may surprise you. It starts with the size. It’s easier to fund a $10 million deal than it is a $100,000 deal. That’s why I specialize in deals of at least $10 million. That’s because most of my sources prefer the larger deals. I can’t say as I blame them. They’ll make more money, for a less-than-proportional amount of time and effort on their part.

What else? Funding sources (whether debt, equity, or a combination) like to see that you have “skin in the game”. A film maker came to me once, seeking funds for his movie. When asked about “skin in the game”, he thought I was asking about nudity in the picture.

That’s not it.

By “skin” I simply mean how much money do you have in your own deal? This is important because investors, and lenders, like to know that you can’t easily walk away from your deal if it starts to go bad… leaving them holding the bag.

Having sufficient skin also opens up funding sources and options for you… that just aren’t available for “nothing down” deals.

How much skin do you need? That will vary with the size and type of project, but for most deals, even as little as 1-3% cash on hand can help you get the funding you need. In other words, if you want to raise $10 million, it will help if you have at least $150,000 already. If you have a lot more, you will be able to generate greater interest from my sources.

What about industry? Does that matter?

Not so much. Some lenders like real estate deals. They are familiar with those kinds of deals because that’s what they do… and have done for years. It’s a comfortable industry for them.

But that’s not all. For example, I secured $150 million for a company with a cancer treatment. I work on deals of (and have sources that will entertain) almost any legal industry you can think of.

What about credit scores?

For many lenders, your credit history and rating are important. But I have many funding sources that will look past less-than-perfect credit, if they like the deal (and you have some skin in the game)

The First Two Questions For You To Answer

For best results, I’m going to want to know two things upfront… (before I know how great your product is, or how long you’ve been in the business, or where you went to school, or anything else)…

Tell me:

1. How much money you’re looking for; and

2. How much cash do you currently have available to invest in your own project (skin).

Once I know that much about your project, I’ll know where to take your deal for best results.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

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