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This is one of several large project funding sources that we have. Read this material carefully. If the terms and conditions are acceptable let’s talk. I provide a one-tine 15-minute FREE consultation. Additional consulting time is available at and


Do you have a project or company that requires funding, but the lender (Bank, Private Lender or Equity Investor or other) is requesting additional collateral?

Is your project a profitable venture?

Do you have the experience and skill sets to run this project once we fund it?

Are you willing to sell to our investor 30%-75% of your project for a CASH payment plus 100% of the financing you require?

If you answered YES to ALL of the above questions, our Loan Payment Guarantee Program can help solve your problem and provide the Bank Collateral you require.

•    We provide CASH BACKED BANK INSTRUMENTS & GUARANTEES from a top 25 World Bank.

•    Minimum Funding/Collateral Amount: $25 Million

•    Maximum Funding/Collateral Amount: $3 Billion

•    Our program can work with almost any type of project regardless of its location in the world.
CLOSING TIMEFRAME:  4-6 weeks (Dependent on the expedience of Funding Source)
FUNDING SOURCE REQUIREMENT:  Client must have a Funding Source (Lending Bank, Private Lender/Investor, Hedge Fund, Insurance Company, etc); which is ready, willing, and able to provide loan funds.
The Funding Source selects both the type of Collateral (Bank Instrument) and the Bank (top 25 World Bank), which it wants to provide the Collateral.
The Funding Source issues to the Borrower a letter, which, among other things, includes its willingness to provide the subject loan, subject to receipt of acceptable Collateral.  A sample copy of this letter is attached and identified as Attachment A.
COLLATERAL:  The Collateral Provider we represent, in the United States, is willing to provide a CASH BACKED Bank Instrument (Top 25 World Bank) to guarantee the loan repayment to the Client’s Lending Bank.

The Bank Instrument will guarantee the return of principal, one years worth of interest and any fees back to the lender.  Client’s Funding Source will determine the “type” of Bank Instrument, the amount of interest, and their requirements to proceed with the Client’s loan.
All Bank Instruments are Cash backed, CD’s or LC’s, SBLC or DPLC or BG’s all from top 25 World Banks.  NONE OF THESE INSTRUMENTS ARE LEASED OR BORROWED.
At the end of the loan term (one year and one day), the Funding Source receives the principal and interest payment from the issued Cash backed Bank Instrument (Collateral), which liquidates the loan.

•    No Upfront Fees
•    No Collateral Provider Closing Fee
•    Part of  Loan proceeds becomes equity participation, part remains loan
•    Investor will require 30% to 75% of the projects equity
•    Low 6% interest for what part of loan remains a loan- Up to a three (3) year “interest reserve”  which can be added to the original principal borrowed at the time of the loan and payable at the end of the term.
•    For real estate property with fee simple and building assets that are seven (7) years or older a  five (5%) percent capital account will be added for reserves for rehab, roof, electrical and plumbing and re-freshed FFE (furniture, fixtures and equipment)

•    Bank
•    Private Lender or Angel Investors or Equity Investor
•    Pension Fund
•    Brokerage Firm
•    Hard Money Lender
•    Hedge Fund


•    The process of securing a one year loan against our collateral providers (investors) bank guarantee is actually quite simple.  Our process is different to a traditional closing in only one respect.  In order to engage our investor, we require a conditional letter of interest (willingness letter, attached) this is how projects get approved.  Once we have a willingness letter from a legitimate lender, the process moves very quickly to a loan closing.  When we receive this willingness letter, our investor’s bank will contact the lending bank within 15 to 20 banking days. This bank to bank communication must occur in order for the loan process to proceed to closure.  The first thing our investor’s bank provides the lending bank is a patriot act disclosure routine.

•    The patriot requires that our investor provides the lending institution 100% transparency as to the source of his funds, who he is, the history of his funds, as well as proof of funds.  Once the patriot disclosure requirement has  been satisfied, the discussion turns to the type of bank guarantee instrument the lender would like, the bank they would like it issued from and the language they would like in the instrument as well as establishing/confirming the closing procedures.   Every lender creates and customizes their own guarantee.

•    In most transactions of this type the investor is hoping the collateral is never called upon.  In our scenario it’s just the opposite, this bank guarantee will become the lenders exist. We include all interest and fees into the guarantee for this one year loan.  At one year and one day, the lender draws upon their instrument and all principal interest and fees are paid in full.

•    Of all the loans that your lender is likely to make over the course of the next 12 months, no loan that they make will have less risk than this transaction.  As a matter of fact, this letter has been shown to the Treasury department and the Treasury likes our transaction because it has ZERO risk to the lender.  This loan should move to the top of the “pile” for any lender you are talking to.  This is the least risk transaction they can engage in as they are essentially making a loan against cash that they are in control of.

A)     Client (Borrower) submits to Funding Source initial documents for review.
1)  Business plan with executive summary (On client letterhead with contact info).
2) Conditional Funding Letter is issued from the Funding Source to the Client.  See Attachment A for a sample of this letter.  The text of the Letter must be exact or very similar to that in Attachment A.  The “key” is the Funding Source stepping forward first with this letter.  This “activates” the entire process.
3) Special Request Letter:  If the Funding Source (Investor) requires a specific Collateral Bank, bank instrument or higher interest rate than (6%), that request must be submitted on a separate cover letter along with the above Conditional Funding Letter.
4) Funds Confirmation Letter (if applicable):  If the Funding Source is a private entity, and not a bank, it is required to provide an authorization letter, which allows the Collateral Provider Bank to confirm funds and obtain confirmation of “Proof of Funds” from the Funding Source’s bank.
B) Collateral Provider’s representative speaks with borrower to discuss transaction.
C) Collateral Provider discusses delivery of the Bank Instrument with the bank of the Funding Source.  The Funding Source provides “banks” from which it will accept collateral (from Top 25 World Bank).  The Funding Source provides the language/text of the Bank Instrument.  The Funding Source can customize this instrument to its specifications.  The Funding Source picks the Bank that provides the Cash Backed instrument.  The Funding Source picks the type of instrument.  The Funding Source picks language in instrument.  This is a risk-free transaction to the Funding Source.
D) The transaction proceeds on a Bank-to-Bank basis between the Collateral Bank and the Funding Source Bank.  All terms of the Bank Instrument, including delivery of Bank Instrument are agreed upon.
E) Bank Instrument (guaranteeing principal and agreed upon interest) is sent to the Funding Source Bank, from the Collateral Bank.
F) Funding Source Bank confirms and authenticates the Bank Collateral.
G) Funding Source Bank provides agreed upon loan funds to Client.  Funds are sent to a designated account in the Client’s name, at the Collateral Bank, in a Non Depletion Treasury Trust Account.
Loan funds are not issued to Client until the Funding Source Bank has received the Bank Instrument and the Funding Source Bank has confirmed and authenticated the Bank Instrument (Collateral).
The loan proceeds are sent back to Collateral Bank for the benefit of the project. Client provides a draw schedule and we fund your project.  Funds will not be liened, encumbered, or withdrawn from the Client’s Bank Account until it’s disbursed to the Client.  THIS IS GUARANTEED BY THE COLLATERAL BANK IN WRITING TO THE CLIENT
Our FEES:  We normally add 20% to 25% to the loan request to cover our fees (10% to 15%) and maintain a reserve of 10% of loan amount (Collateral).  Funds will be deducted and disbursed when loan funds are first wired into the Client Deposit Account at Collateral Bank.  Client signs commission agreement agreeing to these terms.  Commissions would be added to loan amount and deducted as stated.  Client is NEVER responsible for repaying the overage.  The only funds the Client is responsible for is the funds that go directly into their project.  Client and VC firm will enter into a JV for the project funding.
HOW TO APPROACH YOUR FUNDING SOURCE:  Many funding sources will not just issue a letter stating they will fund a project contingent upon collateral.  Usually, a Client must submit a loan package for review under the normal due diligence process.
Discuss your project with your bank or lender.  State to them, I “MAY” be able to bring in a Joint Venture Partner that would be willing to provide acceptable Bank Collateral from a Top (25) World Bank.  The Funding Source can confirm which Bank or Banks would be acceptable and what type of Bank Collateral (Bank Instrument) would be acceptable (including the required interest rate to be paid).
Ask the Funding Source to issue the basic Bank Interest Letter (Attachment A).
IMPORTANT:  The Collateral Provider does not get involved with any transaction until the Funding Source Interest Letter has been issued and submitted.
BANK INTEREST LETTER:  (Attachment A).  Required to proceed.  Must be exact or as close to exact as possible.  Additional Lender requirements must be submitted under separate cover letter along with the specific Bank Interest Letter.
Excellent Co-Broker Fees (If applicable).
OPTIONAL USES OF OUR PROGRAM: This structure and program can be used with ANY Funding Source for ANY type of project as long as the Funding Source is willing to lend the borrower funds, contingent upon acceptable Bank Collateral (Bank Instrument) to guarantee principal and interest, this structure can be used.
We can show you how to use our program to your advantage as well.  How about protecting an investment you are about to make?  Use our program to protect your money while still making money on your project!  We can show you how.  Imagine you have a wealthy investor about to put 100M into a Hotel project in exchange for 60% of the project.  Watch how we can help you… instead of the investor putting the 100M into the Hotel; let’s have the investor put the 100M into a loan against one of our Bank guarantees.  We then take that money and put it into the Hotel.  Now do the math, the investor went from a high risk to a zero risk transaction in one move.

We can give the investor a 15% return on this one year 100M loan.  He takes 10% of the Hotel, keeps his money SAFE, makes 15% the first year guaranteed and has upside on the Hotel with ZERO downside.  If you’re a professional, you will appreciate how smart a financial move this would be for a high net worth client.
All Bank Instruments are Cash backed, CD’s or LC’s, SBLC or DPLC or BG’s all from top 25 World Banks.  NONE OF THESE INSTRUMENTS ARE LEASED OR BORROWED.
EQUITY CAPITAL/ START UP CAPITAL/ ANGEL CAPITAL: If you have a profitable opportunity/ project, this Collateral Structure can guarantee the investment made by any type of investor or lender.
This is an excellent structure that can be used for many transactions.  When the Bank Instrument matures (one year-one day), it pays off the Client’s loan.  The Collateral provider is now a partner and lender to the project along with the VC firm who is managing this process.
The Funding Source prefers this structure because it is able to lend funds and get a Bank Instrument from a Top 25 Bank guaranteeing repayment of the principal and interest.  This is a RISK FREE transaction to the lender and the Client (borrower).
Let me know if I can answer any further questions.

My contact info is as follows:

Joe Tufo
President, Cash Flow Specialists, Inc.

Direct: 800/669-2700 Fax 253-984-2853Email:



Addressed to Borrower with full address, company name and project to be funded.

Dear [Client Name)

Having reviewed and evaluated your loan request for [the project], subject to receiving an acceptable Cash backed Bank Instrument issued by a Top World Bank acceptable to us for the purpose of the repayment of principal and interest, we shall extend to [your firm] a one year loan in the sum of ($ Dollars) for its ventures.

It is understood that we shall receive and accept agreed upon Bank Collateral, from a Top World Bank.  This Bank Collateral will guarantee repayment of the loan funds at maturity of the loan (Principal plus 6% interest).

The face value of the Guarantee must represent 106% of the loan advanced and must be payable, at maturity, in one year and one day from its date of issue.

Funds will be disbursed by our bank to the bank supplying the Guarantee (Bank Instrument) (or to mutually consented coordinates) upon our authentication and identification of the guarantee (Bank Instrument) offered to us.

Unless a Bank-to-Bank communication is received by us, from the Bank that will supply the guarantee (Bank Instrument), this commitment will terminate on ………… (Approximately 90 international banking days from the date of the issue of this letter) ……….. At the end of the business day in New York, USA.

For verification of this communication and confirmation of our willingness to proceed with this loan offer, please request that the Bank that will supply the guarantee (Bank Instrument) make contact with:

Bank officer    :
Phone No.    :
Fax No.        :


Signature of Authorized Representative
Of Funding Source, including title    Signature of Authorized Representative
Of Funding Source, including title

Company Seal

ref: Gordon-Mancuso 0809

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