CFSI Educational Call Trade Programs 20110105

This is the fifth call and second recording. We had a record 53 attendees. Two clients, Brad S. and Jeff H.  who were paid on trades in December 2010 spoke and shared their stories.

They each participated in a 30-day trade with five-day settlement that paid a 50% rate of return. We run two of these trades a month. Returns vary. The minimum to participate in that trade is $250,000, there is no maximum.

They also participate in our monthly Flagship program. They receive 15% on their money. Brad is in a 12-month program and Jeff is in the six-month program. The minimum to participate in that trade is $50,000,  there is no maximum.

From time to time one of our Traders is on the live call. Most have never spoken with a Trader. Both Jeff and Brad have spoken with out Traders and so have several of our clients. This is a unique opportunity for you.

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We encourage you to listen to these calls several times.

This call had a number of unthoughtful participants.  This may be the last of the “Free” calls.

These calls are provided for the educational purposes. Never invest with money you cannot afford to lose. Always get your principal back. Past performance is not an indication of future growth. Conduct your own due diligence.

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