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Credit Enhancement and Credit Restoration Services

The through-put numbers are abyssal; recently  Wells Fargo accepted 55 out of 1,000 business applications; Bank of America accepted 89 out of 1,000 business applications. Is it any wonder why so many businesses are shuttering?

The same can be said about personal credit scores. Your goal should be to maintain a minimum 740 FICO across the board – all three bureaus: Equifax, Transunion, and Experian.

We’ve had thousands ask us about reliable, trustworthy Credit Enhancement and Credit Restoration Services over the years.

We have two services that we recommend:

For Business Credit Enhancement we recommend Hector and Peter’s Services:

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Derogatory Removal Service – Guaranteed Results!

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If you are seriously interested in getting your business or project funded you need an 80 PAYDEX score and 77 Experian score or higher. Read out the services by clicking on the hyperlinks.

We’re not for everybody.

We do our best to serve each who is referred to us or contacts us.

We work on either a Priority basis where you pay us a commitment fee which caps our expenses or a Non-Priority basis where we get to you when we can.

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How to Access the BLOC Category

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Business Line of Credit Application (BLOC)

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Monster Corporations to $1,500,000 (USD)

Most of our business is by referral. If you want to learn about how you will be compensated on referrals:

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Referral Program

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Referral Program Earnings Disclosure

I am in the process of writing a series on:

Inquiry Removal – Did you know that for a nominal $190 that you can have each inquiry removed from your credit report? A prospective client called this morning and told me that he has 11 inquiries in the past 45 days.

Express Late Removal – I discuss this in detail on the website but briefly, the attorney retainer is $1,000. The removal of each late is $1,000. Each mortgage late removal is $1100. Each collection removal is $1,150. Each charge-off removal is $1,150.

These come with a performance guarantee – if the items are not removed you get your money back.

There’s a Public Record Eraser Service – Foreclosures may be removed on a quote basis – usually $5,000 to $10,000 each. Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 removal $6,000. Tax Lien Removal 10% or $5,000 whichever is greater. Judgement Removal 10% or $5,000 whichever is greater. UCC-1 quote.

There is a Credit Identity Profile – This is the Alter-Ego that many celebrities, professional athletes, and entertainers use. Three Lines of $5,000 to $45,000 is $5,000. Five Lines of $5,000 to $45,000+ is $7,000.

Authorized User Trade Lines:

Level 1 – $5k to $10k – $900

Level 2 –  $10k to $15k – $900

Level 3 –  $15k to $20k – $1,000

Level 4 –  $25k to $45k – $1,100

Level 5 – Over $45k – Quote

Primary Lines – Quote

Debt Negotiation – Quote

Loan Modification – Quote

ID/Theft/FTC Repair – Have you had your identity stolen? Need to get your credit restored? $2,500.

Accelerated Credit Repair – Need Credit Repair but can’t afford the Express Program? Can you afford to wait 60 business days? $1,499.

Need to acquire a seasoned California corporation:

2.5 to 3 year – $5,900

4 year – $7,900

5 year plus    – Quote

Experian Business Lines (Chris) – $1,000 each

D&B Trade Lines (Chris) – $1,600 each

How to Proceed:

Visit and open an account. The monthly investment is $20 to $25. This will count as a soft inquiry and will not effect your credit score. Provide us with your user name, password, and social security number. We will obtain a customized quote for you.


Prices are subject to change until finalized. We have two different service providers. Additional discounts for larger files may be available. Updates are verified on

Joe Tufo, Certified Cash Flow Consultant, Certified Capital Specialist

P.O. Box 844
Alamo CA 94507
925-691-8200 Direct to my desk
800-669-2700 Business
206-984-2853 Fax

Fee and Commission Based.

Your #1 Alternative Funding Source. Call Us When Your Banker Says NO!!!

Business and Personal Lines of Credit $50,000 to $10,000,000, Large Project Funding $10,000,000 to No Limit, Commercial Loans, SBA Loans, Hard Money Loans, Church Loans, Factoring, Accounts Receivable Funding, Merchant Cash Advance.

Speaker, Writer, and Seminar Leader

Providing Honest Answers in a Timely Manner No Matter How Difficult the Situation.

Trust, Integrity, and Service: Here Today, Here Tomorrow

The program that I use to attain my goals:

Please click on the link below to read our Disclaimer

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Why We Say NO! A Lot and Mean It

Many times throughout each day we receive calls from referrals, referral partners, past clients, current clients, prospective clients, or someone who Googled one of our websites.

Invariably, your project or start-up is “the greatest thing since sliced bread,” is a “billion dollar idea,” We’d “be a fool if we didn’t drop everything and devote all our time for free to get you funded.”

To each of you who expect us to work for free we have this to say – NO! NO! NO! A thousand times NO!


It’s not that we’re uninterested or impolite it’s just that we’ve heard it thousands of times. Here’s our responses:

  • Do we have the time?
  • Will we feel pressured to get it done?
  • Will we be upset with ourself?
  • Will we be resentful of the other person?
  • Will we feel duped, had, or swindled?
  • What do we have to give up to do this?
  • What can we gain (What’s in it for us?)

No is our first option instead of the propensity to say yes that emanates from wanting to please, wanting to be liked, needing to be needed, being timid, avoiding confrontation, not knowing our rights, or feeling: plain and simple, that we should.

We’re in the consulting and funding business. With 33 years (November 1976 to present) of financial services experience in insurance, securities, and finance we may be uniquely qualified to serve you and those whom you choose to refer.

We charge a fee because we do this full-time: 50 hours scheduled a week plus another 20+ working on the websites, writing articles and newsletters, recording audio and video, holding webinars and other tasks to help each  of you.

We take on committed paying clients and then focus all of our effort and energy in getting them funded.

Even at that we fail about half of the time.

In our 10+ years experience in this business about 1/3 of what crosses our desks we can fund (you may not like the rates, terms and conditions but we can fund you), 1/3 is DOA – Dead on Arrival – even with the thousands of pages of information we’ve published, dozens of books and courses we’ve published – let’s face it many of you can’t or won’t follow instructions, and the final 1/3rd is broken: your credit sucks, you have no business credit profile, you have more than three inquiries, you have derogatories, liens and judgments – you’re a mess and it will take days, weeks, months, or years to fix.

Business Lines Of Credit Church Loans Film Funding In The News Large Projects Money Available Preparation Real Estate Projects Referral Partners S.B.A Loans

Cash Flow Specialists FPA Meeting Questions

• What do you expect from us?

• What is your current pain?

• What keeps you awake at night?

• How do you see us helping you address these challenges and opportunities?

• What growth plans do you have?

• If price were not an issue, what role would you want us to play in your business?

• Do you expect capital needs? New financing?

• Do you anticipate any mergers, purchases, divestitures, recapitalizations, or reorganizations in the near future?

• We know you are investing in total quality service, as are we. What are the service standards you would like for us to provide you?

• How important is our satisfaction guarantee to you?

• How important is rapid response? What do you consider rapid response?

• Why are you changing professionals? What did you not like about your former firm that you do not want us to repeat?*

• How did you enjoy working with your former firm?**

• Do you envision any other changes in your needs?

• Are you concerned about any of your asset, liability, or income statement accounts to which we should pay particularly close attention?

• If we were to attend certain of your internal management meetings as observers, would you be comfortable with that?

• How do you suggest we best learn about your business so we can relate your operations to the financial information and so we can be more proactive in helping you maximize your business success?

• May our associates tour your facilities?

• What trade journals do you read? What seminars and trade shows do you regularly attend? Would it be possible for us to attend these with you?

• What is your budget for this type of service?

* We never denigrate the predecessor. First, this insults you and reminds you of a poor decision. Second, it diminishes respect and confidence in the profession as a whole and lowers the public’s perception of our professionalism.

** Even though you are changing firms, it is almost certain that you liked certain characteristics of the predecessor. We want to find out what those were and exceed them. For instance, if you said the prior firm always returned phone calls within one day, we strive to return phone calls within four hours.

Business Lines Of Credit Credit Enhancement Hard Money Improve Credit In The News Money Available Preparation S.B.A Loans

Derogatory Removal Service – Guaranteed Results!

I received a call right before Christmas 2009 from Chris a local businessman. Chris has been receiving our newsletter for some time. He offers a unique niche Derogatory Removal Service with Guaranteed Results!

Chris’ Services

Chris’ Derogatory Removal Service with Guaranteed Results! are truly unique in this niche industry. He has researched the normal day-to-day “credit repair” company that overloads the credit bureaus with documentation containing certain language that will enlist hope that the credit bureaus won’t be able to respond within the required thirty days.

Although this can be effective, 99% of the time it takes more than 180 days to see minimal results. Chris’ Derogatory Removal Service with Guaranteed Results! has developed real formulas for rapid success.

All of his clients see successful results within 1 hour to 10 business days GUARANTEED!

Here are some of the derogatory removal services he offers:

Credit Card (30, 60, 90)
Mortgage (30, 60, 90)
Collections (negotiated, and removed completely)
Charge Offs

Chris’ Derogatory Removal Service with Guaranteed Results! has developed formulas that are effective at the creditor/lender level.

Your creditor/lender will get a direct negotiation phone call from his team to get your derogatory removed.

Your derogatory will be DELETED from the actual system of the creditor/lender level. That means that your removal is in fact PERMANENT.

The level of management that Chris’ Derogatory Removal Service with Guaranteed Results! will speak to will have full authority to completely delete the derogatory from their files, and they will electronically update this information to the credit bureaus…and you will receive a VERIFIABLE letter of proof directly from the creditor/lender.

If you have a collection that Chris’ Derogatory Removal Service with Guaranteed Results! is working on, then your debt will negotiated to pennies on the dollar and DELETED from the collection agencies system and as well electronically updated to the credit bureaus and you will receive a VERIFIABLE letter of proof.

This is a very unique service that has been a catalyst of help for hundreds of satisfied clients that were able to restore their credit, purchase/refinance their home or commercial property, and of course clients were able to have a fresh start without any weight on their credit bearing them down.

Chris’ Derogatory Removal Service with Guaranteed Results! invites you to try this service, it won’t take long, all forms of payment are accepted…and your money is guaranteed! So, there is nothing to lose and everything to gain!

The investment is $1,000 for each item removed.

Articles In The News Money Available Preparation S.B.A Loans

Pre-Qualification List For SBA Loan Consideration

Following is the new & improved Pre-Qualification list for SBA loan consideration.  These are the items which the SBA lenders need to see in order to qualify a loan:

  1. Project Overview.

    1. Who are the borrowers?

    2. What type of business?

    3. Who are the owners?

    4. What do you need financing for, how much money do you need, how will it be used?  Specify project costs (example:  purchase real estate $500K, renovation $200K, purchase equipment $300K, refinance business debt $150K, marketing and soft costs $30K, etc)

    5. How much do you plan to put down on the deal?

  1. Business tax returns.  Last 3 fiscal years from applicant business and selling business.  Complete copies, including all schedules, statements, K1s.  If they are not available immediately we can take year-end financial statements for the last 3 years.  Statements include Profit & Loss (Income) and Balance Sheet.

  2. Personal Financial Statement.  Dated within 60 days.  Each owner to complete their own, jointly with their spouse if married.  Must be signed by owner and spouse in BLUE INK.  Form attached.

  3. Resume of owners.  This is especially important if the business is start-up or a business acquisition.

  4. Credit Report.  Pulled anytime within the last 60 days.  If you pull your own credit it won’t hit your score.

Articles In The News Money Available Preparation Real Estate Projects S.B.A Loans

Multi-Use Financing

Multi-Use Financing
Property Types: Commercial, Industrial Office, Medical / Dental Office, Industrial Condo, Warehouse, Industrial Office, Mixed Use Commercial and Residential, Mixed Retail w/Office, Light Manufacturing & Industrial
Loan Types: Purchase, Refinance, Cash-Out Refinance
Loan Amount: $100,000 – $3,500,000
LTV: 90% for Owner-Occupied (SBA 504) / 65% for Non-SBA, Refinance and Cash-Out Refinance
Term: 20-25 Year Amortization
No Balloon Payment
Simple Documentation

Our underwriters are professionally trained to keep the interest of the professional a priority. They are experienced in working with borrowers of all sizes. Thus, they can fund loans anywhere in the country!

Articles In The News Money Available Preparation S.B.A Loans

Small Business Loans

Small Business Loans
We will underwrite and process Small Business Administration (SBA) 7(a) and SBA 504 loans. The provisions of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act shall apply to all applicants for loans submitted under these government guaranteed loan programs. There shall be no discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, age, sex, marital status, handicap or national origin.It is our goal to facilitate a quick funding on all (SBA) loan requests. Additionally, we offer the following advantages:

Competitive rates and terms
Purchase or refinance of commercial real-estate, with cash out permitted
SBA-guaranteed fee can be financed in most cases
Loans size starting from $100,000 to $10,000,000
Approvals Articles Church Loans In The News Large Projects Money Available Preparation Real Estate Projects S.B.A Loans

Cash Flow Specialists, Inc. Satisfaction Guarantee

Cash Flow Specialists, Inc. Satisfaction Guarantee

Mission Statement: To provide the best overall terms available for qualified commercial loans while providing the best follow-up and service in the market today.

To accomplish this we guarantee:

  1. Quick approvals and/or denials. Our experienced underwriters will look at your loan and give you quick answers–no long waiting periods!
  2. Our underwriters have done hundreds of commercial loans and actually will work with you to structure the loan for maximum approval. Often, just structuring the deal differently or adding back a one time item and pointing it out can get a deal that has been denied approved. Or get you more favorable terms.
  3. We will do this work for free, in essence giving you free pre-approval. No large upfront deposits!
  4. We will spell out to you in plain English the exact rates and points and terms that we can provide. If you accept it, we will collect a small upfront deposit but we GUARANTEE those exact terms or you are entitled to your money back. With us, you will only pay if we get you the best deal at the terms you have accepted! No strings or hassles–the way it should be.
  5. Every Friday (or at least weekly) we will update you as to the status of your loan. No more waiting for months for an answer because a loan is in “committee”. You’ll always know where you stand.

In addition, because we have access to local banks in all regions throughout the country, large nationwide lenders, and Wall Street money, we can almost always give you the best total terms available. Monthly payments on our loan products could be thousands less per month than on deals from your local bank. And our products will more often closely match your needs.

We ask only 3 things from you (here is the catch):

  1. Honesty. Let us know up front about the “issue” that might kill the loan. Chances are we can work around it given time. It will ultimately be found out; and if that happens just before closing, the deal dies and so does that lending source for future fundings.
  2. Help us by getting our required documents in a timely fashion. We never ask for documentation that is not absolutely necessary to close your loan. The faster we receive it, the faster we can get you funded.
  3. Agree to provide 2 referrals to us during your time in process. By having you tell others about us we can spend less time marketing and more time closing your loan.

Together, we can make your commercial loan process a smooth one.