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Greetings from the beautiful sunny warm San Francisco Bay Area where temperatures are in the mid 80’s with 20% humidity.
I’m really blessed. Today my Mom turned 77 and I called to wish here a happy birthday early. My Dad turned 79 last week. If we had Roe v Wade in 1950 I may not have been born. I turn 59 in November. To be my age and have both my parents alive, Bonnie’s parents alive, and Dale’s parents alive is rare and remarkable. Praise God from Whom ALL blessings flow!
A quick update:
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Here’s a brand new article in the Large Projects Category that may be of benefit to you:







A- The Wind Farm Project must be fully permitted, zoned and with government approvals if international.

B- (PPA) Power Purchase Agreements must be in place.

C- Investor will use the Windjet Turbines.


Existing wind farms are also considered.

Investor can JV-Power Purchase Agreements – Power Share Agreements

Expansion- Growth- Replace

We are now gearing up to make commitments and investments to projects that are contracted to deliver renewable energy via Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

We are considering WIND FARM PROJECTS with varying financial levels and participation to take advantage of the enormous ROI that the Windjet will produce.  The Windjet is a new generation of wind turbines that utilizes a rotor design vs. the traditional propeller design.

In evaluating the material going forward, it is important to understand the revenue stream and how a client will reach 100% ROI.  What needs to be considered is the Rate for which is paid per Kilowatt (kw) via PPA, the average Wind speed, which will give the capacity or kw per hour, and the Capacity per hour of the turbine at the average wind speed.  While this is a tremendous task we are looking to vet each project and mange everything from the site planning to manufacturing to the installation and connection and on to the revenue.

About the product, the turbines have various sizes from 4 meters in rotor size to a full size 30 meter unit which is a third of the size of the GE and Vestas units and has many times the out put per megawatt.

The units are also bird friendly as the spin in place and do not create the hazard to wildlife.  There are many applications for these units and sizes that would apply to those locations and/or output.

For wind farm applications, estimate are that these units at 60 megawatts per acre vs. the conventional design which spaces the turbines about one acre apart.

The rotors on the turbine simulate a jet engine capturing the same air passing through each rotor and utilizing more surface area to acquire the same energy but utilizing more of it, this contributes to the enhanced capacity for this turbine.

In addition, there are several other patents and enhancements that will be utilizing a patented tower design with spaced frame technology that also is equipped with a HiJack system for raising and lowering equipment from the top of the tower to the ground.

This tower also has a telescoping ability that will work with the predictable weather sensors to enhance the output of the unit while also keeping the unit safe during turbulent weather.

The next highlight to the turbine is the hydraulic drive system, which uses multiple stacked generators, that allows to ratchet up the capacity in low wind speeds and ratchet down the capacity in high wind.

These generators are also located at the base of the tower for easy maintenance.

The patent for the hydraulic drive system also features the hydraulic accumulator system that stores hydraulic pressure in the accumulators to be time release as per our PPA thus giving a premium to managing power for the grid.

The window for generation for the Windjet is also a very impressive feature and starts from 1 MPH of wind speed to over 100 MPH plus.

The combination of these technologies to this NEW brand will give a more steady capacity and looking more like a coal fired utility to the grid.

This system also gives an advantage in the window of generating and is giving the ability to be the first “Smart Wind Farm” that can provide power to the grid when it’s needed not just when the wind blows.

Please submit;

The projects Executive Summary.

Proof of permits, zoning, government approvals etc.etc.


Please feel free to call my office

Thank you


3. Through Paul and Suzie we have access to thousands of REO properties, both residential and commercial,  in all 50 States. Visit and access the Letter of Intent (LOI) and Proof of Funds (POF) language.

If you or your clients want to access FDIC properties at pennies on the dollar this is the way to go. We just received 31,000 income producing properties with leases guaranteed by HUD with an average price of 40+3.

This came in for John:


Get an LOI for one of these properties or all if you can at 40+3 =43 cent on todays value. Make the LOI to the Seller of Record. I will send a new NCND and MFA for you and your client to sign. When I have these in house I will forward to seller and you will start talks with the FDIC

There is only 1/2 point for the buyers representative

Make the LOI out to:

Sheila C. Bair

Chairman FDIC

1776 F. Street

Washington, DC 20806

property_name_text address_line1_text address_line2_text city_name_text state_code zip_code zip4_code total_assisted_unit_count total_unit_count
CASTLE SQUARE 484 Tremont St Boston MA 02116 6309 450 500

4. I’m in Dale’s recording studio six days a week for about 20 hours creating products, working on the websites, and filming videos. Eventually, each post will have a video of me explaining the posts and giving commentary, success stories and what works and what doesn’t work.

I’m not a Miracle Worker. I do the very best that I can to serve each person who is referred or finds me on the Internet or listens to me speak at events, on Podcasts or reads one of the hundreds of articles that I’ve written in the last 10+ years of being in this business.

I don’t know of a single competitor that publishes and records as much information as we do. I receive dozens of emails every month thanking me.

We have just affiliated with a New York based asset protection and estate planning firm. In fact, the managing director called me yesterday on his way to Estonia for a global asset protection conference.  They handle back room operations for dozens of law firms.

As many know I taught insurance for 19 years. I owned an insurance agency for 22 years and an insurance brokerage for 19 years. We want to make sure that each client is properly protected. Visit this site now.

As always I’m available 7AM to 5PM Monday to Friday to serve you and those whom you choose to refer.

Remember that God loves you and that he has a wonderful plan for your life. Jeremiah 29:11

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This came in from Danny:
Joe a fine morning it is!!!

God bless you and your whole family… I too have both parents alive being a young 52.

I love your attitude …keep the spirit alive.

I saw that you have funding available for wind.

all the best ,


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