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Basic Membership Package

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  • Regular Webinars
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Optional Education:

How to Access the BLOC Category

Should you be interested only in obtaining a Business Line of Credit you may choose this product

Business Line of Credit (BLOC) is a popular category for us.

For a One Time Investment of Just $197.00 (as compared to $97.00 a month to access the whole website) you will gain access to the posts in the BLOC category for one year – come as often as you need. Content is added at regular intervals as the markets change and new products, services, and vendors become available.

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The Hard Money Course :

Specifically, you’ll discover…

  • How Much You Can Borrow Against Your Property?
  • Exactly What You Must Do To Get The Money
  • What Types Of Properties Can Be Used?
  • What Is The Minimum Or Maximum Loan Amount?
  • What Is The Eligibility Criteria For A Hard Money Loan?
  • How Fast Will My Loan Close?
  • Are There Any Hidden Costs Or Fees?
  • Are There Restrictions On How I Use The Proceeds?

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FOREX Trades: The Answer For Your Financial Future!

“How To Trade Within A Never-Ending Bull Market That Is Open 24 Hours A Day, With High Leverage And Low Transaction Costs!”


It never used to be possible! They just wouldn’t let the rest of us in on the bull market. Small time speculators and investors weren’t allowed to try their hand at investing in foreign exchange (or FOREX – which is trading foreign currencies).

Because the minimum transaction sizes and strict financial requirements were so steep, FOREX trading was mostly left to banks and major currency dealers… who were the only ones who could take advantage of the incredible liquidity and strong trending nature of FOREX trading.

But now, new technology has allowed foreign exchange market brokers to break down the barriers and let smaller traders have a piece of the action.

It’s not the same as trading in stocks or futures, but with some guidance, you too can jump into this never-ending bull market. That’s why we decided to create…

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Executive Summary Training Package and Template

This information package takes you through the creation of the Executive Summary – the goal is to achieve

an Executive Summary that tells exactly what your prospective lender/investor wants and no more.

This training will allow you to create a successful Executive Summary document.

Package includes Download of these Items:

  • Template Document
  • Video Instuctions take you right through production of your Executive Summary
  • Check List

Read the entire story and watch the video about Executive Summary Templates and Training

Power Funding

Here’s What You Get…

  • What you will receive:
  • A comprehensive analysis of the funding availability of your business.
  • A Secretary of State search of all 50 states for UCC-1 filings, liens, lawsuits, and judgments.
  • A public research search through Dun & Bradstreet UCC-1 filings, liens, lawsuits, and judgments.
  • A public research search through Experian UCC-1 filings, liens, lawsuits, and judgments.
  • An evaluation of the types of business loans available for your business.
  • And Much More

Read the entire Story and Watch the video About Power Funding

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