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Another Private Client Private Trade Testimony 201105122

Dear Joe:

I am writing to thank you again for hosting a tremendously informative conference call yesterday with Trader Chris P.  As a registered SEC/FINRA investment banker, I deal each day with the misperceptions among investors with regard to PPP and Managed Buy/Sell programs and how frequently investors confuse PPP with the speculative market making transactions that everyone is familiar with on Wall Street and in the private capital markets.


The discussion yesterday was lively and enlightening.  I walked away from this call better equipped to advise my clients on PPP and I am sure that each person on the call was empowered by the information shared.  As you know our industry is fraught with scammers and investors have all right to be leery when looking into investment programs.  However, this was unique opportunity to interact directly with a trader and learn from a credible source.  I appreciated very much Chris’ candid and honest discussion and answer to questions.  He gave us a very good sense of what’s real versus scam in PPP.

Thanks for doing these informational conference calls.

Erma Charles, Managing Director


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