How We Do Business

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WHAT WE DO – Business Consultancy, Mentors, Coaches, Intermediary, Finders
50 years combined experience in finance/insurance/investments/mortgages/cash flow:

We help you and your company to raise money:
1.From $15,000 for a Merchant Cash Advance to billions of dollars for global projects. We have access to the largest database of venture capital firms, angel private investors with dozens of companies having raised money through our funding placement resource.
2.Commercial Financing:
a. Global Commercial Real Estate Loans $2M to $2B. Ask about our self-liquidating program and hard money loans.
b. Business Lines of Credit $100,000 to $4.5M per applicant. Ask about our self-liquidating program.
c. Merchant Cash Advance $15,000 to $4.5M
d. Receivables Factoring & Purchase Order Funding No Limit, Special Program for Manufacturers.
e. Other Commercial Asset Based Lending
f. Real Estate Development $2M to $2B
3.Leverage other assets -Mines Monetized, Factoring, Asset Based Lending, Stock Loans, Secured Asset Financing, Accounts Receivable Funding, Equipment Financing & Leasing, Government-Secured Financing, and Venture Capital. Ask about Proof of Funds (POF) $100k to $2B.

Most of our business is done by phone, fax, over-night mail, and email. Some choose to meet face-to-face.

1.We prefer to meet you at our place of business or at a restaurant or hotel in Antioch/Brentwood CA. We will travel to you for our daily fee of $10,000 each day plus first-class travel expenses if we have to travel.
2. The Consulting Fee must be paid in cash, by wire, ACH or by cashier’s check at time of service. We do not accept credit cards, business checks or personal checks.
3.All consulting fees on Large Project Funding only are applied as a credit to commissions earned on any loan product with no time limitation.
4.Our commissions are 4% for Sub Prime and Hard Money Loans and 1.0% to 4% for all other loans. There are exceptions. We fund commercial loans, hard money, and alternative funding products. Many choose to give us 2% to 6% equity in their project and or businesses if they want a continuing long-term business relationship with us.
5.Fees for venture and private capital are per separately provided fee schedule.
6.Some clients choose to pay us to prepare their package. Here is what you receive:
A.A proper commercial loan package that will be submitted to a minimum of three prospective lenders directly or through search engines that we pay monthly to access. ($15,000 for basic service: $25,000 for deluxe). Make all checks payable to: Cash Flow Specialists, Inc. and mail to address above. Thank you.
B Access to us and to our team for a lifetime.
C. Consultative Services.

Providing Honest Answers in a Timely Manner No Matter How Difficult the Situation© Joe Tufo
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