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Leased BG’s & SBLC’s

This came in July 11th while I was vacationing in Southern CA with my wife, Bonnie, and two youngest children Katie, age 11, and Mike age nine.

Remember that we also charge a commission that ranges from 1.5% to 6%. It is disclosed on our CFSI Fee Agreement.

Leased BG’s & SBLC’s

Two options to proceed:

1) For a hardcopy bonded courier delivered SBLC / BG on HSBC, Citibank or Royal Bank of Canada cost is 8-12%.

Client will need to place those funds in escrow.

2) For a MT -760 delivered SBLC / BG the cost is 18% (same banks as above).

Two ways to pay;

A) First is all upfront in escrow,

B) Second would be 400K into escrow to cover MT-760 fees, balance due in 7 days.  Fees can be paid via MT 103-23 or ICBPO if needed.

For either way the client will need an application completed, project summary document and a Proof Of Funds.

Cost is 18% – 400K to be deposited into mutually agreed escrow company to cover costs if client does not perform.  Balance can be paid within 10 banking days after receipt.  Can be paid via MT 103-23 or ICBPO

Need Application, Executive Summary, and POF for 400K to move forward.

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