20110202 8PM Eastern Call

We do our corporate call every Wednesday at 8PM Eastern for paid subscribers to our http://www.joetufo.com/blog website. That call is considerably different from our FREE 4PM Eastern call as clients who have been paid on trades share their testimonies live and answer prospective client questions from their personal perspective.

Occasionally traders attend.

This came in Thursday February 3rd:


Very good call last night.

PLEASE CALL ME at your convenience to discuss something very important about credibility.

I like working with you and want to be of assistance,

Thank you,

David Alexander


This came in from Vanna Friday February 4th. Vanna is in our Falgship program with the domestic trade group:


Thank u so much!

Much Appreciated. Brad really took the confidence to a whole new level!

Should Brad chooses to go into a bullet trade on Monday or sooner and would partner! I will love to joint venture with Brad, Joe!

I really appreciate all that u do!

Have a Blessed Day,


This came in Friday February 4th:


Thank you for your kind words and the Bible verses.  Many of these I know from heart and they do bring comfort.  Thank you again.  I’m assuming we did not hear back from Chris, maybe you and I can talk early Monday and possibly get Chris on the phone to discuss.  God bless you for your kindness.

Mike Snyder

We had several positive comments after the call. It’s gratifying to know that the calls are of interest and value.


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