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We are working directly with compliance officers/traders with access to multiple performing platforms. The client has to simply provide the requisite paperwork. After the trading office has gone through the due diligence process and assuming, upon qualification, that the client is invited to enter the program (which is always a privilege, and never a right), the client will be contacted from the trading entity.

To avoid the solicitation aspect, “TELL ME WHO YOU ARE (CIS); SHOW ME WHAT YOU HAVE (POF), bank tear sheet will suffice for now; LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU NEED (LOI)” with Passport. With that, we can create a momentum to proceed with.

Always, after receipt of such documentation and the due diligence process, the client will be contacted by the trade group, and from that point, all communications can take place, but never before, or in advance of receiving the paperwork first. There is no deviation from this rule which the traders have to adhere to!

We offer an open book policy, which is totally transparent! Traders don’t want to work through layers of brokers, so no broker chains, only those DIRECT to their client.
10 Steps to Private Placement Success!

(1) The client provides a proof of funds and passport copy along with their compliance package

(2) Trade Group submits application to the compliance department for review

(3) Client passes “due diligence”, speaks with the trader, and receives the contract

(4) Client signs the contract, and then the trader countersigns it to make it official

(5) Client contacts their bank to complete the private placement transaction

(6) Client’s funds are blocked, conditionally assigned, or transferred to the trade group in accordance with the contract

(7) Trader accesses the line of credit from the trading bank

(8) Trader uses line of credit to have discounted bank instruments issued from bank

(9) Client receives payment of profits weekly or according to the contract

(10) Client uses profits to fund projects and retains the rest for personal use

We observer strict non-solicitation laws for brokering Private Placement, including:

NEVER Sugar-coating Details to Investors

NEVER Guarantee Anything to Investors

NEVER Misrepresent Ourselves to Investors

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