“Providing Wall Street Financing for Main Street Businesses”

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I received this March 17th from the Program Director: We are open for new business.

“Providing Wall Street Financing for Main Street Businesses”

Many small business owners underestimate the importance of using working capital financing as an integral part of their overall business plan.  Many small business owners also view working capital financing simply as an “emergency fund” or as an insurance plan that will probably have little use.  However, the actual use and application for working capital goes far beyond simple unexpected emergencies.

Working capital funds can be used for general business expenses such as rent or even payroll.  The funds from working capital financing can also be used for equipment related expenses such as training or maintenance.  The proceeds from working capital financing can even be used to obtain 100% financing for real estate transactions!

Working capital financing eliminates sacrificing any element a business needs. Utilizing working capital financing is not a bad idea and is implemented by many major corporations.  Not only does working capital protect a company from the
disruption of events in unexpected circumstances, but it also allows for revisions and expansions when a business determines a new strategy could be of benefit.

Working capital financing provides a business with strength, stability and flexibility.  That’s why so many smart business owners today choose to have working capital financing working for them.

CASH FLOW SPECIALISTS, INC. Through NBF offers working capital financing in the form of unsecured cash business lines of credit and corporate credit cards that can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

We offer an unsecured cash business lines of credit and corporate credit card program that includes a lender compliant 5 year old Aged Corporation which comes with seasoned business trade lines reporting to the major business credit
bureaus.  This allows us to obtain a combination of unsecured cash business lines and corporate credit cards up to $500,000 per corporation.

There is a “processing fee” for each corporation requested based on the actual package selected. The processing fee is paid up front and is refundable by NBF in accordance with their Refund Policy and Guarantee of Service.  The “performance fee” is payable after obtaining access to the funds.

In addition CASH FLOW SPECIALISTS, INC. in their capacity as a business consultant/finder has a fully earned non-refundable commitment consultation fee, minimum $2,500 maximum $25,000 per project which entitles the client to six months of consultative services by telephone, email, live tele-seminars, quarterly coaching meetings in the San Francisco Bay Area and six-months access to a subscription website.

This program is application only, stated income and stated asset with no requirement for tax returns, business financials, credit scores or a personal guarantee.  The funding process will be completed within 60 to 75 business days from the date of a properly submitted application.

We greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with you in helping you to obtain $1,000,000+ in Unsecured Business Lines of Credit.  Please contact us if you have any questions about any of the terms and or conditions indicated in these

Aged Corporations
You can now obtain a 5 year old aged corporation with an excellent corporate credit profile.  These corporations are 100% unencumbered and include a Federal Tax Identification Number and a DUNS number.  We will build your
corporate credit profile, which includes D&B Paydex, Business Equifax and Corporate Experian as well as to represent the current industry and market conditions that you are in.  We offer an extensive package that will provide you with a turn key solution.  We can obtain high level funding for your Aged Corporation based solely on its strength, combined with your personal experience and know how and NOT based on your client’s personal credit scores.

Primary Reasons
By owning a pre-established corporate identity, you are able to take advantage of the following benefits:
• Instant availability and fast delivery
• Immediately own a company with a corporate history
• Show longevity and enhance your image with customers and lenders
• Easier to obtain unsecured business lines of credit and business credit lines
• Ability to borrow money from banks
• Often, lenders require a business to have been in existence from six months to two years or more before lending it money
• Ability to secure bids on government contracts. Many government agencies will only sign contracts with a business that has been in business for at least two years.

Additional Aged Corporation benefits:
• Credibility to customers
• Increased ability to bid on government contracts. Many state and federal contracts require that the business be between two and five years
• Easier access to credit
• Easier to obtain venture capital
• Easier to take a company “public” and sell shares on a stock exchange if certain criterion are met
• Less lead time to incorporate your company
•Ability to bid or present your business in an arena where candidate companies have to breech an existence duration threshold for contractual adherence
• Immediately creating a company existence longevity appearance
• Access to investment opportunities
• Less limitations when applying for corporate credit

In addition to the benefits mentioned above buyers of Aged corporations are able to purchase an established corporation and also establish themselves as officers, directors and shareholders, giving them immediate control of the business.


• Application received with ID and all forms properly completed
• Processing Fee paid via ‘good funds’

STEP 2 [Business Day 1 to 20]
• IRS Form SS4 established
• Corporation registered with Secretary of State

STEP 3 [Business Day 20 to 30]
• Incorporation package received from the Registered Agent
• 411 listing with local phone company
• Voicemail set up
• Fax number established
• Assistance with opening a bank account

STEP 4 [Business Day 30 to 60]
• D-U-N-S® Number established to uniquely identify your business for the creation
of a basic credit file to establish your company’s credibility
• Submission of 8 to 12 trade lines for credit enhancements
• Verification of credit enhancements that improves the accuracy of your
D&B Paydex score and D&B rating which provides the required qualifications for
unsecured lines of credit, corporate credit cards and lease approvals.
• D&B report issued with complete D-U-N-S credit profile and minimum 80 Paydex
• Access to your company’s basic D&B credit file to understand how credit
decisions on your company are made and how you can use your company’s
strengths to negotiate better terms

STEP 5 [Business Day 60 to 75]
• Applications submitted to our lending network
• Applications approved
• Funding obtained

STEP 6:  Additional Funding [90 to 120 Business Days after completion of STEP 5]
• Additional Applications submitted to our lending network
• Additional Applications approved
• Additional Funding obtained

$1,000,000+ Unsecured Business Lines of Credit






□ $100,000 to $150,000 5 YEAR OLD AGED CORP:
• $7,500 Consulting Fee
• 60 to 75 Business Days

□ $250,000 to $350,000 SUPPLEMENTAL FUNDING:
• Using the Same 5 Year Old Aged Corp Above
• $12,500 Consulting Fee
• 90 to 120Business Days After Initial $100,000 to $150,000 Funding

□ $350,000 to $500,000 5 YEAR OLD AGED MEGA CORP:
• $15,000 Consulting Fee [$5K savings]
• 150 Total Business Days

□ $100,000 to $150,000 5 YEAR OLD AGED CORP:
• $15,000 Consulting Fee & 5% Transfer Fee
• 7 to 10 Business Days for Transfer to be Completed
• Limited Availability [Not Available for Foreign Nationals]

Foreign Nationals add $1,000 to each package


1) You can cancel the contract within three business days and obtain a full
refund of the $7,500 Consulting Fee less the Administrative Fee of $500.
2) You can cancel the contract at any time after three business days and
obtain a 50% refund of all fees paid less the Administrative Fee of $500.
3) If the product contracted for including funding is not so delivered NBF
shall refund 100% of all Consulting Fees, less the Administrative Fee of $500.
4) NBF warrants that the corporation and trade lines will be in place within 45
to 60 business days of the effective processing date.
5) NBF shall supply you within 60 business days, the Corporate Books and
Seal, Articles of Incorporation, Registered Agent, 411 listing, email
address and completed D&B profile with Credit Builder Service resulting in
an 80+ Paydex score.
6) NBF warrants that Supplemental Funding will occur within 90 to 120
business days after the initial $100,000 to $150,000 is obtained.
7) NBF warrants that MEGA CORP funding will occur within 150 to 195
business days of the effective processing date.
8) Where applicable, assignment of the corporation by you and or your client
to NBF along with all associated lines of credit and credit cards, at a zero
balance, will be required for a refund to be processed.
9) All requests for refunds shall be written, dated and signed to be delivered
to NBF by either fax or scan.  Email refund requests will not be accepted.

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